Enhanced Kite search, Govt. Securities on Kite app, Immediate pledge of new G-Secs & SGBs and BTST for T2T stocks

We have made a few enhancements and updates on Kite.

Enhanced search

Search on Kite marketwatch now makes it easier for you to explore mutual funds, IPOs, and government securities.

If you want to invest in mutual funds, you can search for funds on Kite itself and then proceed to invest on Coin.

Likewise, you can check for upcoming and ongoing IPOs and issues of government securities and invest from the marketwatch itself.

This will be available on the Kite app soon.

Government Securities on the Kite app

Recently we made primary issues of T-Bills, G-Secs, SDLs (State Development Loans) and SGBs (Sovereign Gold Bonds) available for investing on Kite web. You can now invest in these from the Kite app.

To invest:

  1. Tap on Bids and then on Govt. Securities
  2. Tap on the security you want to invest in and then on Place bid
  3. Enter the amount or use the β€œ+” and β€œ-” buttons above the keyboard to adjust the amount
  4. Swipe to place the bid

Immediate pledge of newly issued G-Secs and SGBs

When new G-Secs or Sovereign Gold Bonds (SGBs) are issued by the RBI, investors who want to pledge them for margin for trading in the F&O segment would wait until they appear in the exchange-approved list.

However, from now on, the newly issued G-Secs and SGBs can be pledged immediately after they are listed on the exchanges, without waiting for them to be added to the pledging list.

The process for pledging remains the same. You can check the process here: How to pledge securities to get collateral margin?

BTST allowed for T2T stocks

Earlier, when you bought stocks in the trade-to-trade category, they could be sold only on T+2 day, once they were credited to the demat account. Going forward, stocks in the T2T category can now be sold on the next day, i.e., on the T+1 day itself.

Note: As per regulations, proceeds from BTST trades are not available for trading on the same day. Funds will be available for trading from the next day. More: Discontinuation of credit on sale of T1 holdings w.e.f 19th June 2023

Learn more about the trade-to-trade category here: What are Trade to Trade or T2T stocks?


want to report a bug
when you hover mouse over options(buy,sell,market depth etc) of first security the popup box appears to be hidden
only happens with the first security only.

reported before #20230208292868

you can quickly confirm the bug on your kite web gif added above

Hi @CT143, we’re aware of this and are working on fixing it.

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Hi Search of mf in kite app is no use,it may be usefull on kite web app but instead of this making option to mf holding to shown in holding page in kite app will be much easier to track and for investments of mf can use coin app.Just thoughts.

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