Entry on breaking high of supertrend first candle

Hi Team,
I m trying to backtest results for below condition.

  1. Super trend crosses above
  2. First candle breakout by any within the same trend.

Suppose super trend shows buy signal , any candle after that should break the high of 1st candle of supertrend.

Any suggestions ?

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@Streak can you.

Any update @Streak ?

Hi @rameshkec85

The 2nd condition si currently not possible if you want to enter when any of the following candles after the Supertrend buy trigger crosses the trigger candle. However, if you have a fixed lookback period, it is doable, for example, you want strategy to trigger when the 3rd candle crosses above the trigger candle.

The feature required for this is currently under development and would be available soon.

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Hi team,

any updated to full fill the second requirements of the strategy

Hi @Rutvik_Kothari @rameshkec85

You can refer to the below thread where a similar condition was shared. You can copy the strategy into your account and make changes to it as per your preference.

Hope this helps.

Hi vasu

Thank you for your idea.

Yes, you can do that and it will work fine. Just make sure that the offset values for the indicators are mentioned correctly.

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