Error on console when fetching holdings

Whenever I open console late in the night, I get these errors inconsistently. This is annoying since I can’t even debug it, due to the bug itself being inconsistent.

Today it happened for holdings. Sometimes, it happens in P&L computation.

Apologies, we’ll update the clear message/banners for overnight processes when certain reports don’t load.

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By when is console updated with the day’s trades?

For eg, I make a few trades today and want to tag them. By when can I do it? Only on next day?

In the current setup, it is usually by early morning the next day. We’re working on some optimisations to complete EOD processes much earlier.

You may already know, but reiterating that you can also Tag trades in Kite while executing, which gets synced in the Console tag manager automatically after the end of the day processes.

True, am trying to tag during ordering itself. But miss it when doing intraday trades (due to placing orders quickly), or when trading from charts.

Console tagging experience is also very buggy (have reported it here) so I am trying to remember to tag when trading in Kite itself.

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