Espresso review

has anyone use espresso platform? Could you please give a review.

I am especially looking for a broker which provides bracket order.

I will review it myself.

Keep checking the page!

Verification from their side only takes some minutes ?
Usually brokers take close to 1 day for this process.
Does this mean that Espresso will send login id etc within minutes as claimed ?

seems so. response time is fast. I accidently wrote my name in fathers name. They send a rectifier mailer.

hey folks,

I am in.

Less than 15 minutes.

As far as I know, no broker is this must fast in verification process. It will atleast take 1 day. Anyway, it’s great that they are doing this within minutes.

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Bracket Order. This is what I am looking for. Z won’t give citing it’s risky for clients, both orders can get activated. Yeah, smoking is injurious to health. Better it’s for people to decide, just give the options.


on the top :
what is MCXFO :11852.72 ?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s the indices. You are seeing what I am seeing.

this is their desktop platform.

Seems all pretty. Just have to see how this girl dances in live market.

i have never heard of index : MCXFO !

has anyone idea on this ?

You can also try Finvasia. They also provide Bracket Order.

I ll see to it.
But expresso has a catch. We don’t pay one side of brokerage on losing trades. Half of my trades are all losers, so I get some pinch of relief there.


Anyone wants a referral. Shamelessly putting here

Commodity index (by MCX)

It’s MCX icomdex composite. The i stands for India I think.
You can get more info in Mcx website.

Like nest / pi etc. Do they provide any other desktop download-able terminal ?


Yeah , binge , they call it.