Everyday of the week will now have a weekly expiry

NSE in its latest circular has announced that Bank nifty weekly expiries from September 6th,2023 will be on Wednesday instead of Thursday and from August 21st,2023, Midcap nifty weekly expiry will be on Monday instead of Wednesday.

Making every day of the week an expiry day for one or the other index.

Monday - Midcap Nifty
Tuesday - Fin Nifty
Wednesday - Bank Nifty
Thursday - Nifty
Friday - Sensex

We will make a detailed post on this covering all the points.

But, my first thoughts - This isn’t ideal in the long run as it may lead to a massive surge in speculation.


Yeahhhhhhhhh, friday we have usdinr as well !!!


Partyyyyyyyy. :love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture::love_you_gesture:

But finnifty on Monday and midcp on Tuesday would have been better I guess since both are very similar.

Anyways. Let me not complain. Finally got what I wanted.


Good… Now I really hope BSE FO and Midcap picks up momentum… This will b a party for FnO traders…


They are already picked up good momentum and can we traded without any much issue in terms of liquidity. Premiums are also comparible

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Midcapnifty are broker allows it now?? I didn’t check thus

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Yes, only limit orders

If I’m not wrong it was either @Jason_Castelino or @viswaram who wanted to have a weekly expiry everyday so that FnO traders won’t have to take any overnight risks at all.
How do you guys feel now :joy::joy:


They to NSE !! :stuck_out_tongue:

How weekly expiry is on wednesday and monthly expiry on thursday, does it mean we will have 5 bank nifty expirty in a month?

There’s currency expires on Friday too :slight_smile:
Probably @Meher_Smaran won’t mention as it doesn’t have much of volume :joy:

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It’s similar to how we currently have USD INR expires right @AlgoEye and @Meher_Smaran ?

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Yeah thats what on my mind exactly

It’s all about money to be made across the industry and extra opportunities for the retail to profit from. Rest is just conversation… :laughing:


On the contrary it will bring down volatility. See what 0 DTE did to US?

Only overnight positions will have an avalanche effect.

yeah me!

the other sad thing is i have to revise the content of my book which is in publication!

:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

What’s the title! :slight_smile:

What is 0DTE?

Why 99% Traders FAIL to beat FD returns
And how YOU can be the other 1%

0 day to expiry. Same day expiring contracts


I’ve only included the equity segment. Currency and Commodities are a different ball game altogether.