Everything fails. Did it happen to you?

Have you guys ever came to a point that each and every strategy or indicator or even price action (for the bare charts lover) give you the same signal but on the very next candle the price goes opposite leaving you stunned.

I don’t see any solution to this as of now.

PS: No news or rumors are considered.


Why should price behave as per YOUR strategy or indicator?

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Oh yes i forgot that… Indicators etc are made of price and not vice versa. My bad.
But still… just a general question.

Recently this is happening …despite overbought or oversold zone these issues occur and there is no real pattern…RSI, convergence ,divergence bolinger band , momentum oscillators and what not…nothing obeys…especially nbfc stocks

In short nothing works before human emotions…


This world is an illusion


maybe trade in large market cap stocks e.g above 1000billion well profits might be small but so will be the losses


Yes that is why 95% fail , I suggest u to. Flip a coin and see is it favours u 80% time then u can consider urself lucky as nature .and u can try ur luck, most of the time luck is what make pplz consistent.

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Rather… Illusion is world.

Does mkt cap changes the way price behaves on intraday basis? Anything I am missing? Like more movement or even in consolidation or sideways the range in bigger?

Luck is what I never believed in, although I keep saying “luck hi saath nahi de raha” :joy: :joy:

well large market cap stock are more reliable & won’t be as volatile as small ones (majority of the time)plus less noise, just find a large market cap stock which is also in a constant up/down trend

most probably the stocks you are selection is highly volatile with whiplash or your strategy needs working


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The problem here is that in intraday if I try to find some stocks in consistent up or downtrend for say 2-3 days, the day when I want to trade, it goes sideways. So I am kind of late almost always.

I am trying understand when the stock is abt to go sideways. There are some taking abt ADX to identify but that seems a little confusing to me.

Yes that is possible.

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that’s just your fear talking, maybe rethink your whole strategy again & create a trading system

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Including me , probably this problem is for all traders, there is no 100 % solution for this , (only trade experience ) before entering the trade , best thing is to look at longer time charts and "risk management "/ "money management " can reduce the problem. In my experience , instead of analyzing particular candle , its better to look at the price action on longer time frame.


Trading is a game of probability like most other things in our life.
When everything is going fine in our life, can we guarantee with 100% surety that next moment will also be fine?

What really matters in trading is that if your system is failing you once, at least it should not fail you 3 times and then its good to go.

And yes, everything fails. Even humans too.

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The market is created by the rich peoples who want to win everytime. So if someone is saying it’s your fault believe me that not the case… It’s because the whole system is designed in such way.

Well as per making profits I suggest you to make a demo account in iqoptions and trade in forex and try to make loss everyday market time 12pm to 11pm close trade between that time. Don’t trade more than $300 and remember your main goal is to wipe out the $10000 account. Believe me you will learn alot about trading.

And as per indicators no matter whatever indicators you use 50 days ema(for intraday, charts 5,10 &15 mins) as it will help you get the current trend in the market whether market is up or down, take trades accordingly to the trend. If price is moving down from 50 ema it’s down trend and if it’s going above then it’s uptrend. Hope that could be of some help :slight_smile:

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It shows that you are trading on multiple strategies & indicator. Fix some limited strategies or indicators. Nothing is 100% but if you stick to some fix strategy your success rate will be around 70%.

That reminds me of Market Gurukul.

50? Some said 10 and 20 for intraday 5min.
I am trying to learn ADX for helping in identifying sideways early. But there are just so many things to look in that.

My primary strategy is vwap and pivot based with volume on 5min. Nothing else on chart. The problem in this is entry i get is too late when the price has gone up in one two candles. After that there is no big movement and then my stops Get hit after entering late. Sometimes Isit all day waiting for an entry which doesn’t come.

Hence I thought to find some other strategy. But seriously there are so many. I think I need to make my own.

Dear Dovav & all others, I suggest to use ‘SUPERTREND’ from the chart section.
If you use Pi, it will show red & blue lines.
If you use Kite charts, it shows Buy & Sell signals.
If traded on this, maintain trailing s/loss as it shows in the charts.
You will get 80% success !

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Just yesterday I was trying this. But here again I am trying to filter out the sideways whipsaws (or false signals) which I am unable to identify.

I tried with default 7,3. Even tried that 3 supertrend combo. Some said to use 5,1.5. That led to more false signals. I even tried this with Heinkin Ashi but that led to just generating brokerage in sideways.

How you are using it?

If there is no way to identify sideways early, can you please help me selecting the stocks that actually move.
Top gainers, losers, oi spurts, etc. don’t work for me bcoz of the next day most of them don’t move for me. Am i missing something.

You are running here & there.
While trading in SUPERTREND, it is better to 10,3 or 8,3.
Time frame of 1,3,5 minutes may give false signals.
I suggest to use 15 minutes time frame.
Stick to something to get success !