Everything fails. Did it happen to you?

I backtested, didn’t go live.

DIdn’t check 8,3. Will do.

Seems like i am getting confused seeing so many strategies.

Yes that’s Market Gurukul’s stategy to be honest. I said the 50 days ema(exponential moving average) for identifying the trend so that after you know the trend of current market you can take trades accordingly to the trend to get powerful shorts or longs using other indicators. 50 day ema is just for verification of the trend side. I use it in my personal tades and it’s also a well respected moving average.

As for ADX if you are using it for taking positions like short or long in intraday you can use a much better indicator which is Vortex watch for some tutorial videos it works better even in choppy (uneven) market unlike ADX which struggles a lot. Not many peoples know of this indicator so I guess it would be quite useful for sometime before everyone starts using it. Another thing you can use to take trades is VWAP it’s also useful as Asset management companies use it quite often in taking their trades. Watch some VWAP strategies on YouTube to get used to it.

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So on of the criteria for scanning trend stocks or abt to start trend should be 50 EMA for 5 min intraday.

Didn’t check vortex yet.

Thanks. I will think about it.

Super trend is constructed in such way that , it “reacts” as the price changes and gives buy/sell signal randomly , and generates whipsaw, so instead of jumping to a trade once buy/sell signal generated by Super trend ,its better to filter out Super trend with other indicators like RSI & MACD , high RSI , above 50 is generally a up trending and vice versa, if RSI hover at 50 level generally a sideways move , In my experience Super trend setting (1:3 ) is working for me, but as i said earlier selecting chart time frame is important .

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1,3 :open_mouth:

Yes but you can also use it in 10 & 15 mins as well do your research before using this strategy tho. See below pictures for reference the blue line is 50 ema and yellow one is VWAP.

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I was using Vwap and pivot on 5min before. The entry was when a good full candle forms above or below vwap enter above the high (or low if shorting) of that candle. In this the entry is late which ended in little juice.

I will definitely look into your way.
Thank you so much :blush:

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All the best :slight_smile:

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With no offense… To the initiator of this topic-
Everything hasn’t failed, infact you failed in everything to do in a proper way bcoz in same market many people have made money. Doctor must know when to give analgesic and when to give antipyretic, amatures dont. same applies in market too. Another remedies won’t work.

I started this topic just in a general sense expecting most of traders would have gone through such situations. I wanted to know how they handled it. But actually this gone somewhere else :grin:

Dear Dovah, Try hedging your trades with options. Of course, this additional cost will eat into profits, but you will be able to withstand the whipsaws. You’ll make smaller profits but more consistently. Profits, though small would help you regain the confidence and make a come-back.

Good luck!

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Thanks but I am not looking to enter into fno till I don’t learn and stop doing mistakes in equity market.

Let me gain quite a lot of knowledge before going that route.
Hope you are getting my point.


And what would be your returns after taxes ?

Can you make more than 50% ?


I m going to save you years of pain , money , time.

Simply answer this question.

How much do you expect to make AFTER you reach expert level. i.e it will take atleast 5 years minimum and this is a very optimistic assumption.It could take very well 8-10 years assuming you have not given up.

And after you reach expert level say after 5 years. it will take few more years to break even and then what will be your returns?

Will you beat the market after all those years , after taxes?

please make a elaborate plan on how you intend to make those returns, otherwise you are just fooling yourself.


I seriously don’t know abt expectation. We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, how can I judge for so long future. Yes we can plan for good or bad but cannot expect much from future.

And yes it can take more time, may be even less time. No one knows.

I never thought of beating the market. And taxes is what didn’t look at before. Not those we are already paying in each trade, but those that are to be paid in final ITR. I started reading about it just yesterday night.

You are correct here. I know things are not so easy but I don’t want to overdo so much in the start. Making a plan definitely on list but I want to focus on "right now ", the very moment, the top most priority.

Psychology Plays :slight_smile:

if you not sure how much you intend to make , then why trade? you are better off investing your money - save time/pain/money.

use that time for something better.

This is exactly where newbies fail when they start out.

you must be able to make more than 100% on leverage , otherwise don’t bother with trading. Simply invest and use your time wisely.

why is that? you should make more than 100% since you are leveraged.

Hats off to your skills if you are making more than 100%. By the way, hedging and leveraging are not synonymous.

wait , so you are telling me you are not using FNO or leverage for hedging?

No need to take hats off. Any decent small cap fund makes anywhere from 60-100% WITHOUT LEVERAGE. So if you are taking leverage your returns should be amplified.

and you say you dont use leverage? hmm.

is there any human or a fund that performs consistently?