Everything fails. Did it happen to you?


and you say you dont use leverage? hmm.

is there any human or a fund that performs consistently?


if that was true , then every human/fund would do it. Everyone would make money in markets forever consistently.

No one would invest.


i never said consistently. you cannot use that word consistently as a trader or investor. That is a very wrong expectation to have when you come to stock markets.

All i m saying is if a small cap unleveraged fund can generate more returns than leveraged fund , you should invest. Most people or should i say traders use leverage and if they are using leverage , their returns ought to better , no? otherwise whats the point of trading.

Ofcourse if you can generate consistent returns with or without leverage, more power to you.


Just the answer I was thinking.

If I am not wrong, with that he means being in profit at the end of day and following the rules he made for himself for trading. No matter how much he makes.


you are wrong. thats not what he meant.


I dont know , thats up to the trader.

I never said or made a blanket statement like that. if its achievable for you , great.

who is “we”?.

Anycase, i think this is going off topic now. This is OP thread. we are digressing. we should take this discussion on chat or some place else.


Guess that says it all.



That happens to 80% of the forums.

BTW i myself make anywhere from 100-150% consistently YOY.


All the best :slight_smile:
More power to you.