Everything You Need to Know About Rushil Decor Rights Issue

Thanks. Pls suggest will i be getting addition shares with this RE purchased? 3:1

Actually i spoke to ZERODHA cust care and the person told me that it will be credited back to you once you get these shares alotted to you.

Once you apply for rights shares, you will get allotted shares equal to the number of RE’s you have in your Demat account.

Hi , Can you please confirm today is the allotment day of Rushil Decor. As checked by me no share is credited into my demat account till.

The allotment will be finalized today, credit of this shares is scheduled on or about 16th October.

I had 3000 RE share and I applied offline. How to check the allotment status.

You should receive email from the company or the RTA confirming the allotment. Also. these shares are scheduled to be credited tomorrow, you will receive an email and SMS from CDSL whenever these are credited to your Demat account.

Hi Shubh,

Still nothing has created in my demat account and the money (ASBA) in my account is deducted. Can you please update us the status???

You can get in touch with the RTA at [email protected], they should be able to help you with your query.

Sir, amount deducted from my account and I got mail from rushil regarding share allotment. Shares allotted to me but not credited to my demat account yet.
What is expected listing price?
Can I sell shares on listing day or I have to pay remaining installments.
Please guide.

Should be credited soon.

No idea about this.

You can sell these shares anytime, after you sell, you will not have to pay any installments. The remaining installments will be paid by the person who buys these shares from you.

After getting Rushil decor pp shares, what is the process to get original share.
Please explain full.

These are original shares only, but are partly paid, once all the installments are completed these will be automatically converted to fully paid shares, you don’t have to do anything.

Hi I received an email and money is also deducted but nothing is credited into my account. They are suggesting to discuss the same with your broker. Kindly help.

You should have received email and SMS from CDSL, informing credit of shares to your Demat account.

Also, you will be able to see this shares in your Kite Holdings only when the shares are listed on 20th October.

Rushil shares are not credited in my demat account yet. What is listing date?

You should have received an email and SMS from CDSL, informing credit of the shares. Please check your email.

Also, you will be able to see these shares in your Kite Holdings only when the shares are listed, not before that.

The tentative date of listing was today, looks like the listing has been delayed.

Expected listing date?

Company hasn’t made any announcement. Should happen in coming days though as allotment of shares has already been done.

Hi Shubh,

As per the given date listing date was today but still haven’t received credited shares in My Zerodha (Kite)
account. Kindly update the listing date and the reason why it is not showing in Kite after received email/SMS from CDSL.