Everything you need to know about the M&M Financial rights issue

If you bought M&MFin shares before 22nd July, you should have received RE’s in your Demat account by now. If you bought M&MFin shares on 22nd July, you are not eligible to receive RE’s.

I applied to Rights Issue, as I was an existing shareholder having 10 shares.

I have rather applied for additional 10 shares (in short, I paid for 20 shares). Do you think, I will get the additional 10 shares as well over and above my rights as per 1:1 announce & keeping in mind Rights issue worth is Rs 3,088.82 crore only.

Q 2) Likewise, many like me would be applying for additional shares over and above the rights ratio, do you think everybody gonna get the additional shares also?

Sir i dint appy for rights issue of M&Mfin -re I bought this share on zerodha on 28 , I’m unable to sell this share

its showing


SELL 300 x M&MFIN-RE-BE is rejected.
Insufficient stock holding or there are pending sell orders for this stock. Check the orderbook.

You can get additional, but chances are less. If you don’t get additional shares, amount for those will be returned to your account.

Allotment of additional shares will depend on number of people who have RE’s but didn’t apply for issue. Some might get additional shares, some might not.

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Rohit, RE’s are settled Trade-To-Trade. You can sell them only after RE’s are credited to your Demat account. You bought on 28, these shares will be credited to your Demat today EOD and you will be able to sell them tomorrow.

Thank you very much for quick turnaround on my doubt.

Should i select the option as - I am renouncee and hold rights entitlement in valid demat account and undertake to hold RE till issue closing date (i.e. August 11, 2020)

If you received RE’s for holding M&MFin shares select “I am Shareholder” option, If you bought from market select “I am Renouncee” option.

I got it transferred from broker (ZD) as i had sold the shares on 22nd.
ON selecting the option “I am Shareholder” option - Getting error - Details entered by you does not match with our records, please enter the correct DPID Client ID or Folio number

Here is the view on my Console


Try this workaround.

You need to ensure that you’re using the 16-digit ID available here .
The DP Name is Zerodha Broking Limited.
Should you see an error ‘Invalid DP ID/DP account’ you can split the demat account number (16 digits) as
DP ID: 12081600 and DP account: the remaining 8 digits.

using 8 digits i get following error (DP ID or BO ID) - Client ID is invalid
using all 16 digits i get following error - Invalid Client ID - Enter Correct Client ID

@AkshayAtur can you.

I had bought 15 Shares of M&M Fin on 20.07.2020 via Sharekhan. All 15 Shares were shown in my portfolio on 22.07.2020. On 22.07.2020, I had a debit balance of Rs .1200 in Sharekhan. Same day in evening, I got sms from Sharekhan saying “Record date for Right Offer of M&M Financial Services is 23.07.2020, pls release shares from Sharekhan Margin to your DP A/c before same date”. I immediately transferred 1200 in Sharekhan account thereby making my Sharekhan balance credit. On 27th July I got 5 Shares of M&M RE in portfolio, and in my DP Balance I have 15 M&M RE Shares. When I go to KFintech Site, It says I am eligible for 5 REs only even though 15 RE showing in my DP. Now I want to know whose mistake is this ? and how can i apply for rest of 10 REs.

You can enter 15 shares in “No. Of Shares Applied For” box, since you have 15 RE’s in your Demat account you will be allotted 15 shares.

but in my portfolio it is showing 5 RE only. The Entitlement Letter I got from M&M say I am entitled for 5 Shares and when I go to KFintech Website automatically 5 Shares comes not 15.

You say even though 5 Share comes in entitlement, I can apply for 15 RE
Pls see the attachment

Even if you are entitled to only 1 share, if you have RE’s in your demat account, you will get allotment of shares equal to number of RE’s in your account.

You’ll need to mention the entire 16 digits. If you’re having issues applying for the issue through the RTAs portal, try doing it through ASBA on your net banking.

Hi i appiled for RE shares.it is successful. But i didnt get e mail from kfinteh abt this payment.usally when we appled for ipo,we will get e mail from bse abt ipo status.but for this fpo shall we get any e mail?please clarify.

You should receive email confirmation.

I didnt get the email.i have only payment conformation receipt .in this forum any one get the e mail after making payment from kfintech link.please conform.