Everything you need to know about the M&M Financial rights issue

Yes, will do but why is it not showing even when i am trying to do it via ABSA on ICICI
Do i need to mannualy enter the number of shares

Yes, you will have to enter number of shares you want to apply for.

Sure, so currently i have 900 RE, should i go ahead and Apply

Yes, you can apply.

I received right entitlements of m&m financials on 31 July
will this rights entitlements will be converted into equity shares after closing date of rights issue ?
Do I need to sell those rights entitlements before closing date ?

No, you will have to use these RE’s to apply for rights shares of M&MFin. The process has been explained above, read the main post.

If you don’t want to apply for rights shares, you should sell these RE’s in market before the trading window closes on August 7.

I received e mail from kfintech about payment conformation with application number.but this number is different from the number i got after payment. Is it correct?i sent multiple e mails and tried to call but no answer to conform this.

Can’t really tell, it is best if you contact the RTA. Maybe try contacting them again after some thime.

I am getting following error after I submitted the DPID, ClientID and OTP. The Mahindra KarvyFintech team is use less an none of their phone numbers are working.

Alternatively you can also apply using your Net Banking ASBA portal if this isn’t working for you. The process is same as applying for IPO, you can read this post if you are not familiar with the process.

@mohitmehra can you.

Is there any difference in application process for high networth individual

How to apply for rights shares ?

Which is more beneficial to sell as re’s or to get this converted into equity

Read the main post, process has been explained there.

You should make your own decision.

are we entitled to buy more shares than allocated?
Eg - got a letter for 50 allocated RE’s, can I opt in to buy 100?

Yes, you can apply for more shares than RE’s you have but allotment will not be guaranteed.

what is last date for application thorugh asba and what is last date by which re could be sold in market.

Last date of applying for shares is 11th August while last day of RE Trading Period is August 7th.

Hi subhas
I received e mail from kfintech abt payment .please check below.here 2 application numbers are there .can i assume payment successfyl?
Application no 11110791
Application no 119701

Ref: SIR/STAT/MMFR/4810/11110791 Dt.: 02/08/2020

Dear Investor,

Application No: 11110791

With reference to your mail regarding the payment.

Payment Details
Tran Id Folio PAN Name Shares Amount Date Payment Status Payment Mode Email Mobile Application No CAF No Bank Ref No Comm Dt Comm Status
13023 1208180056657530 ASHPR3716r RAMINENI 500 25000.00 28-07-2020 14:01:13 SUCCESS NetBanking [email protected] 13023/28/3716 119701 2038561307 28-07-2020 14:00:50 EMAIL Sent

In this regard, we wish to inform you that the payment done by you was success. Please find the below screenshot for your reference.

Yes, your payment was successful.