Expense Ratio Information on Coin

Coin’s expense ratio for some global funds does not include the underlying fund’s expense ratio (ER). For example: ‘Invesco India Feeder Invesco Global Equity Income Fund - Direct Plan - Growth’ ER is mentioned as 0.46%, but this does not include the underlying fund’s ER. The actual ER is higher than this.
Since customers look at this number when investing, It will be insightful if Coin can add a disclaimer for such funds that do not report the expense ratio of underlying funds in their factsheet.
Some funds, like ‘Edelweiss Greater China Equity Offshore Fund-Direct Plan’, however, do report the ER of underlying funds. Thanks.

Yep, we were discussing the same and it makes a lot of sense. The issue is with the way these AMCs report these expense ratios, unfortunately. We’ll see if can figure out a way to show the combined expense ratios.

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That’s quite thoughtful @Bhuvan.
One more thing, as I mentioned that TER of UTI Nifty Index Fund has almost doubled up.

When I looked on Coin, it is still showing old information 0.10%.
Can you please look into this so the TER is updated promptly?

Will happen automatically on the effective date of change.

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@Bhuvan Didn’t happen.
From 16th April onwards, UTI Nifty Index Fund’s TER has increased from 0.10 to 0.18.

But Coin is still showing 0.10.