Expiry Game of Bank Nifty & Nifty


Sure, I will. There is RBI meeting this week. So I am expecting good volatility on Thursday

Greater the volatility, greater the profit in your strategy.

I hope I will not miss this opportunity due to office work


Some points for that strategy be noted… For eg — ti

  1. case 1- index trading at 24400-24500
    24500 call - 50 rs ,24500 put 80 rs … Place 2 order call - 20-25 put 35-45. If call triggered @ 22 x 40 = 880 rs . then sell order place @ 45-50 …
    If sell order not triggered and by this time put premium also evaporate from 80 to 60 or below … Then modify put buy order by 40 % and wait. If index goes opposite your call order for then cover it at 2 pm so max loss 880 because put order never get triggered in this scenario.

Case 2- if put order triggered first than apply the same strategy to call order as pee case 1.

Case 3- if strategy going good and pocketed some profit than lot size may increase…
Some more strategy may be played after this but will discuss later…

But remember one thing there should always 2 order live either it is buy or sell but 2 order… :smile:


Can you share the app of Buy/Sell multiple contracts simultaneously ? This will be awesome as u get rid of time delay/loss


Sounds like a good strategy, but I am unable to comprehend it completely. Can you please re-explain the same (may be in steps) ?


Bro there are 2 possible condition on expiry day of BN …

  1. BN takes one way direction between 2 to 230 pm than this strategy fails. But this condition cames in bn 1 out of 9 time expiry. I am saying this because of my own experience.
  2. expiry price allready decided as per call put OI data just like yesterday expiry . it is pre decided that BN will expire between 25100-200. That is where this strategy is fruit full …
    Like I did yesterday… I play with 25200 strike .
    Placed order Placed put order at 29 and call order at 20 . first my call order triggered than I placed sell order @ 42 . buy the time it trigreed my put buy order triggered @ 29 which I covered @ 65 …played only once … :smile:


i am not responsbile if things go wrong , are you ok with it ? :slight_smile:
i did tets extensively and i am using it … i can say more or less no issues are there in my end … i shared it with another option trader and he is also using it …

i customized it for my need and i am using it only for placing multiple orders simultaneously … if we need to modify or cancel the order , we need to use kite or pi …


Sure … please share


Don’t want to bug others, can u share ur email and I can ask more, if u r OK


can you throw some light on LLP…
how it works??
benefits of LLP?? etc.



@newguy thanks for sharing this information…
but i need more information regarding LLP and how it benefits in trading or investing in equitites and trading in F&O.??
thank you.


i opened it maninly for tax benefits …


can you inform me how the LLP works?? how the parterns keeps pumping money in LLP??


away for work , cnat explain in detail … do google , you will get information overdose


@newguy @VelmuruganSengottai bro you are also facing the same issue of otm option order rejection??? Fuck with zerodha … I think now to switch over to other broker…I got pissed off
Yesterday at last 15 min 24500 puts trading below 30 … I placed so many order to grab them but this fucking LTP issue … I think this problem is only with zerodha … Can you suggest any other good low brokarage house???
I am sure 24500 puts can make my money at least 4 times… :smile :smile:


Yes I faced hundreds of time. Stupid rule if there is any.


Yea… this thing is soo irritating. Zerodha has become a crowded bus now!


@tanmay.t @newguy bro zerodha has grown so much in very small time just like Orkut… If this LTP issue does not resolve many retailers like us will say goodbuy to them and there future might be like Orkut… :smile: :smile:
After all retailers are the the main source of income to brokerage houses because retail traders always over trade and make money not for them selves but for their brokers… :smile: :smile:


this is SEBIs rule , zerodha dont have any say in this … brokers have some limits on how many contracts they can have …
i really dont think there will be any chnage in this … zerodha can appeal to SEBI , but i really dont think SEBI is going to relax their rule just because zerodha is asking ( i do see SEBIs logic is correct )



one thing i can improvise in my expiry strategy …

buy at the money and sell otm … like buy 25200 ce and pe and sell 25300 ce and 25100 pe …
worst case scenario is atm depreciates by 25 to 30% , but OTM depreciates atleast 50%…
this is safety first strategy …

ie buy value 100pts , worst case 25 to 30pt loss
sell value 50pts , worst case 25 point pft

for the timerame 1 to 2.15 , virtually lossless … but again pfts too are limited like 30 to 40pts max…