Explain Indigo's massive rally today

What do folks here think of Indigo’s 8% climb today. Especially the steep rise in last 15-20 minutes. The company reports a massive loss yesterday. Outlook for next 2-3 quarters looks downwards due to rising crude and dollar. I obviously lost good amount thinking the stock will revert back :slight_smile:

How much, only if you don’t mind telling?

It’s perhaps well explained here and no new words needed.

Hahahaha my post there would make him understand I hope

Its obvious because the bad results were already priced in. Where crude will trade in next few months is already known to operators, and when Indigo and Jet fell like a pack of cards in past few months was because operators knew Crude price charts 3 months ago.

You can imagine they knew this quarter result 3 months ago.

Also current trend of both Indigo and Jet is up due to Crude being in reverse trend (downtrend) right now. So it was good time for operators to trap retailers who would come to short the stock.

And speaking about the 3 PM move, I think CNBC Aawaz gave a short call on Indigo at 3 PM. Hahaha :sweat_smile:

North of 50k .
I kept shorting. I know the factors were priced in but Indigo had hit much more lows in the recent past and had mini rallies.
Just was riding on a strong conviction that it will eventually revert. If it was a some sort of market trap, it is a learning experience i guess :slight_smile:

Yeah it’s really learning experience, and losses are our fees in return.:wink: