Export charts from kite


this is feature request. can zerodha team add feature to export charts in csv format from kite.



we have the option in pi go to chart export chart to excel, For kite you can send feed back at [email protected] to the developers team.

As of 24th August 2022,
How we can export charts in csv format from kite web ?
Please help.

Today Banknifty AUG 38800PE Took Trade … in Market Depth Show High - 325 But Chart Shows 315 … how this difference happened pls anyone explain me … @t7support @ShubhS9


Hey @Dhinesh_Muthusamy, this has been explained in detail here: Why is OHLC data different on live charts and marketwatch? - #3 by nithin


Thank you @ShubhS9 :smiling_face:

Technically, yes if you know how the web and UI works. Open the chart and then, google chrome developer tools. Click network tab. Then click refresh button next to the chart and you would see the UI making requests to the zerodha api server. Click on the request and open response tab where you would get data in json. Use any online json to csv converter for conversion. For weekly or monthly timeframe, you may have to convert from day to week or month frame by yourself.
Edit - I mean if you know how the technology works, you would not even buy API service for order placements and historical data. Just learn python and JS ui stuffs to understand how the frontend backend works, build a python tool that would mimic your browser actions and run the automation show. All you see on kite can be automated and zerodha cant really stop it - max it would block IP ranges from few cloud service providers if you wish to deploy on aws or DO.
And this is not just with zerodha but you can even automate sharekhan, icici, hdfc sec where even BEBI cant restrict.

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