F&O Trading Strategies with examples, for 1 Lac Trading Account


Hi friends share your f&o Trading strategies with examples.
why don’t we share our trading strategy with other traders.
it can help other new traders.
So many f&o strategies are there.
we can make good profits and can limit our losses.
please share here your real trading strategies with examples.
sharing knowledge and discussing on that strategy we can make it more better.
and healthy trading community.


@SadikShaik which strategy you are following for F&O trading and how profitable is your strategy?

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My strategy is Hedging future contracts with CE and PE. ( investment below 1lac)
Goal: Safe trading, not for Jock-pot, for daily income / for weekly, no need to worry about stop-loss.
** trade with small lot size**

example: (for bullish)
Buy One Lot Stock Future
Sell One Lot CE
Buy One Lot PE
its working for me. look this below trade.

6080₹ profit @ market closing price. (in 3days) (waiting because stock moved in wrong direction instead of my expectations)
you may think only 6k profit for futures trade? it can change based on stock movement like 10k+ more.
No need to worry about stop-loss, we will be in safe stock may go any side (with little - or with good + )

you can give suggestions to make this strategy more better and share your strategy too.


Hi @SadikShaik Can we write CE and hold positional future with account of less than 1lac.which broker you are using as zerodha does not provide spread benefit.


I’m trading with ZERODHA, select small Lot size or lesser margin required stocks.
check here… https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/Futures/


Hi @SadikShaik my strategy is very simple but still in paper trading mode.i am scanning supertrend buy sell signals for all fno stocks every 30 seconds on hourly candle and trading for small 0.25% profits and exit time i am setting is 2 mins.as of now i am getting 90% success rate.almost 30 trades are generated daily and considering zerodha leverage money can be doubled daily.i will update you once i go live.as of now result looks promising but dont be greedy and follow 2 min exit rule.


Why are you going for OTM PE ?


How do you actually scan this? Since there are hell lot of fno stocks! Any help on this would be appreciated.thanks in advance!


Use Amibroker for Scanning with real time feed from any vendor.

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How do u choose the strike prices of the options?


it was bullish f&o hedging strategy. very simple concept.
CE is my target price. example if i bought CE @ 20₹
and we need to buy one PE @ 10₹ range. for no loss trade.
and wait for stock move in your direction. to get profit.
if stock moved side ways u get profit in CE.
if stock failed to move in your direction. get profit in CE and PE.

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Today i tried this an dgot my fingers burned


if you did real trade really , please upload screenshot. or trade details. may be it can help us to learn from that.
i don’t want to upload my today’s trade,
but it can help u to understand the above strategy. so i’m uploading again for u.
same strategy as i said in above. taken fresh positions in SUNPHARMA. today my trade closed almost with 1k+
here are some screen shots from 11:30am to market closing.

after completing my 3 orders.

in first move i saw 720+

i saw today highest 1280+

today closing it was 960+ :grinning:
if stock moved well as i expected. i will be in more +
so that strategy was working for me, im also did so many paper trades before taking into real.
you also practice on paper trades. when u understood it then only apply it.
please share your strategies too… :slight_smile:


I took position on some random stock


How do you find bullish /bearish bro?


Will you please elaborate a little more regarding selecting strike price of call and put option in the example given by you


Hi… friends Check Sunpharma today and check with my above trade / strategy how its working.
i closed my positions with 5k+ :grinning:
friends do paper trade first , then only implement. and please share your strategies too. ( don’t be greedy like big shots)
i’m not going to post any further trades regarding above strategy.
(because it may be violation of this platform and i’m also learner like you)
Happy trading … and please share your f&o strategies for 1 lac trading account. :slight_smile:


Once again thanks bro,but pls confirm strategy what time to enter in trade and how to find bullish/bearish…thanks in advance


Bank nifty naked option buying has been profitable for past 2 years. I have back tested BN for past 2 years .
1 Lot ATM CE/PE has to be bought at the beginning of the contract towards direction of trend (Following 10,20 EMA crossover or Super trend 10,3).Most importantly holding period is 1 month - till expiry.
Result - Capital has been multiplied 10+ times.
PS: I have not done it yet.Planning to try once BN Breaks 23800 support or 24500 Resistance.

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There are some good hearts that still shares some good strategies and some hearts that understand retail traders world like zerodha…long live with prosperity