Feature Request - Adjustable Kite Marketwatch Panel Width

Add option to adjust the width of Marketwatch. Currently Marketwatch occupies a fixed width of monitor which can be adjusted and used for charts when one need to watch both at the same time.
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Maybe keep an eye of this topic…

…and use the custom-CSS trick till then.

Thanks @cvs for the reply and yes I’ll keep eye on that thread.
But my problem is slightly different though… I think…

On my laptop screen there are no wide empy spaces to left of Marketwatch or to right of the Chart.

I adjusted custom zoom setting on Firefox by trial n error and found a particular zoom setting that occupies whole screen area.

My problem is that MarketWatch is too much wide (I will post screenshot later).

There are big seperating spaces between Scrip Name, %Change and LTP. If one can shrink these seperating spaces then there will be more screen for Chart.

The marketwatch width should be flexible like it is on Trading View (RHS Panel) or like the width of File System Tree panel of Linux File Manager.

As described in the other thread,
this can be customized by changing the value of the css property that controls marketwatch layout
specified either in exact number of pixels or in percentage of screen-width.

.app .container .container-left .marketwatch-wrap {
    min-width: 300px !important;
    max-width: 20% !important;

This should hopefully do the trick,
while we wait for Kite to officially support any such customizations,

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For Firefox this should go to userContent.css right?

One easy way to apply such custom site-specific styles is using the Stylus extension.

After installing the extension,
simply import and use the Widescreen Kite style
to enable the above widescreen view when using Kite in the browser.

Subsequently, you can modify your local copy of the CSS style to suit your display size/resolution and needs.

I will try the local CSS way…