Few Enhancement in Zerodha

Just asking, @nithin why doesn’t Zerodha have a public roadmap?

I think having one would be a great way for the users to know what exists in the product pipeline [and when] and what doesn’t so that expectations are better managed.

Examples -

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Our internal roadmap over the last few years has been overridden due to all the regulatory changes which take priority over everything else. Also, as Zerodha, we are, for the first time in India testing the limits of the underlying infrastructure of capital markets. Often, all our focus ends up moving towards reliability vs new features.

We have tried to do this in the past, letting customers know that we will do these few things next in our blog posts, but they haven’t played out well as, for reasons mentioned above, we have had to deprioritize them along the way. It is hard to do this in a highly regulated business where regulations are changing at breakneck speed and where there is such high dependency on external infra to run our business.


Is this mandatory to show everytime we logged in ? Can you reduced it to once a week.

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Yeah, this is now a regulatory requirement to show on every login.

@Tharun_Iyer_M, we should maybe also have a support article on this linking to the circular issued by SEBI and exchanges.

Hi @nithin

Is there any updates about the TradingView update? It’s been so long since it’s been promised, what’s the latest status of the update?

Reading this post (and your previous comments on this topic),
to me it feels like -

You may have experienced that the majority of the user-base
is NOT mature enough to understand
the difference between a roadmap and a contract.

If that is indeed how you feel about maintaining a public roadmap,
looking at the comments and tone of the requests on this forum.
i tend to agree with the above assessment.

I firmly believe this is NOT an insurmountable challenge.
But, maybe not something you wish to pick-up
while fighting a dozen other battles. :sweat_smile:

i.e. creating a publicly-accessible, informative, intuitive roadmap
is probably way down the line on your current roadmap. :grinning:

FWIW, i firmly believe that a roadmap is NOT a static time-table.
It is NOT a promise to deliver something no matter what happens.

Everything on the roadmap is :100: “subject to change”.

Rather, a roadmap is an indication of the current, relative priorities / focus
that will help interested users to plan/adapt their usage of the app / platform
by knowing where it is headed in the near future.

Based on some of the discussions on this forum,
i am confident a good number of the users understand this already.

I think you will agree that an interactive roadmap can function as an excellent way to

  • pitch new ideas to the users,
  • receive feedback (comments, upvotes) on the proposals,
  • and measure the general interest / expected usage of any planned changes / features
    • to help prioritize and plan resourcing the development and operation/maintenance.

How about we open-up such a roadmap to limited users (at first) ?
Users who have demonstrated maturity and good behavior on the platform.

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Being a Zerodha user from inception here is what I think.
The features we see in sensibull should have been a part of Zerodha itself. Even many small time brokers and the zero commission ones have the option payoff, option chain etc… features built-in within the main interface.
Groww is growing fast and might overtake Zerodha in 6 months time. What is the differentiator for zerodha?
Having used thinkorswim and Interactive Brokers, I always dreamed of seeing those features in Indian brokers. I think Zerodha is the only one capable of getting there and beyond. What’s stopping you guys? Please don’t hide behind the regulatory changes and stuff.

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Happy to hear this. Reliablity should always have 100 times more priority to other features. Thank you.

Personally, I don’t want any extra feature from Zerodha. Just reliability & speed is good enough for me.

Option Chain :+1:

True, team can work independently on different modules and some new tools can also be built outside kite as well just like technical dashboard etc.


Like @sanjayn says, people require Strategy builder and other features such as virtual trade etc like sensibull.

when a trader wants to execute multi-leg strategy like condors spreads etc which have more than 1 order per strategy it is not convenience to execute every order separately especially in Index when prices move fast, slippage happens. So traders like me have to use sensibull at a cost, It would be best if Zerodha can bring these features at some additional cost (would be glad if free) or provide sensibull subscription at discount.

This is much needed :slight_smile:

@Arockiya_Raja ?

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Hmm… not sure. We haven’t differentiated customers till date.

Everything else you say is on point. :slight_smile:

As I mentioned earlier, stability and reliability is the priority. Adding too many things on Kite and building dependencies is an issue.

But about Sensibull, we have something cooking. :slight_smile: But again, I don’t want to mention what exactly and then be pushed to hurry.


@nithin can we expect some fixed brokerage plans with zerodha for atleast intraday F&O since it has become daily expiry like kotak doing

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Have answered earlier

Is that why the Annual plans have disappeared :stuck_out_tongue:
I had Q’d two though.


Dhan platform seems more stable than zerodha despite of having everything integrated. We are paying brokerage for better stability with essential features Integration.

What to expect from broker who takes 2years in just Trading View chart upgradation. Your team is saying coming soon since 2022. This sums up about your technical team.

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Same Thoughts of mine.