Finnifty closing price

Hi @ShubhS9
on chart closed at 19505
AVG at 19487
index at 19479


I understand because of rapid movement , shouldn’t the AVG indicate 19479?

closing price is determined on base of last 30 mins average price. Thats why all Nifty, BNF and Finnifty adjusted price are less than 3.30pm price

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Vwap of last 30 min indicates 19487 , which is avg , why 19479?

Hy @suri

The reason for the difference between the closing price and the last traded price (LTP) is that the LTP represents the actual last traded price, while the NSE’s closing price is calculated as a weighted average of the last 30 minutes of trading.

You can check for the calculation on this link. Hope this helps you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Avwap supposed to give that average price, even it failed to do so , why?

Then isn’t it not dependable? Which indicator will give the average closing price

Deep in the money call of the same day expiry should give you the current averaged price.

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