How to determine closing price in F&O?

some times more difference between LTP AND CLOSING PRICE


Closing price is calculated as the weighted average price of the last 30 minutes, whereas the LTP, as the name suggests is the last traded price..

I'veĀ illustrated the same below...

If you notice, the LTP in our example is 54 (@ 3:30 PM), but the closing price is 51.48. Also, if you see the volumes, the big ticket order 3:25 PM actually skewed the closing price.

A lot of trading stratgies actaully considerĀ closing price as a key input for entry or way to ensure that your price is as close to the closing price is by slicing up your order and trading every 5 mins..

For example your idea is to buy 100 shares at closing price...instead of buying all the shares inĀ one 15 shares every 5 that way your trade price will be as close to as the closing price.Ā 


So is ā€œTrade Valueā€ in above example calculated at tick level.

If not how it decides avg price ? For example if trade value calculated at every one minute then one minute candle has (OHLC), then does it multiply one minute volume with (O + H + L + C) / 4 ?

On MCX Closing price Calculation the same answer 'll apply?

Is the closing price (Settlement price) for F&O on expiry date is calculated the same way as regular days like you explained above?

Its the closing price of the day.

Hi Karthick ,

I have a small doubt in this.

For eg:
25-Jan-2018 ITC LTP is 281.25
Closing prince is 280.7
When market opens tomorrow- Considering If there is no change in price (no Gap up/down) , what will be the opening price 281.25 or 280.7 ?
I can see , kite still shows it as 281.25.
Please clarify.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ram_mohan

Check the following link
Indigo Closing Price


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Thanks for sharing @lindo
Will the closing price be updated in Kite ?

  • Ram