First Call on Reliance Partly-paid Shares

Reliance Industries Ltd. will be making first call for the partly-paid shares and has fixed May 12, 2021 as record date to ascertain the shareholders to whom the first call notice will be sent.

As a result, w.e.f May 11, 2021 the partly-paid shares of Reliance will be suspended from trading on the exchanges and you will not be able to see this holdings on Kite. You can check the announcement from the company here.

Payment ₹ 314.25 per share
Call Payment Period May 17, 2021 to May 31, 2021
Allotment & Listing Within two weeks from last day of the payment

How do I make call payment?

You can make call payment through the following modes:

  • R-WAP: Through the website of the Registrar and Transfer agent .
  • Netbanking ASBA: Through the website of the SCSB’s.
  • Physical ASBA: By submitting a physical application to the Designated Branch of SCSB’s.
  • Cheque / Demand Draft.

Here is the list of SCSB’s (Self Certified Syndicate Bank) through which you can make call payment.

What will happen if I don’t make call payment?

The partly paid shares may be forfeited (the current Reliance PP shares you hold will be worthless and will not trade on exchanges as company will allot new partly-paid shares under different ISIN) if you fail to pay the call money. The company may also levy interest on the amount you owe.

For more information you can refer to the first call notice here.

In case you face difficulties making call payment, you can reach out to the company RTA at 1800 892 9999 or email them at [email protected].


I have 104 RELPP 1 shares purchased from market… How do I pay the second Instalment due to the company directly?


The RTA of Reliance will send you a website link for making payment of the call money. You will receive all communication from the RTA on the email ID mapped to your trading account.


When will i get mail of call payment link

Record date is in 12th May. You should get the details for making call payment in due course.

After paying the amount of 314.25 per share for Relpp do the share holder’s will have to pay again for these shares in future?

Thanks Subhash for the prompt reply.
I shall wait & do the needful

Yes. Reliance will be making another call in November 2021, if you’re holding the partly-paid shares at the time, you’ll have to make the payment.

What will be the amount to be paid in November per share?

What happens after paying the 314.25 premium?
What will be the new share price of the new Shares of Reliance partly paid?
As Reliance PP was trading on 980 on 10th may, so after paying the premium of 314.25, will the share price rise to 1294.25?
I am new to this so please explain.
Thank You.

Reliance issued the rights shares at Rs. 1257 off which 314.25 were paid when you made application and 314.25 will be paid during the first call. When company makes the second call, you’ll have to pay the remaining Rs. 628.5.

Thank’s for the information

One more thing I want to ask that I had shares of UVSL in my Zerodha demat account but one day it got disappeared from my demat account and nothing is showing against it till date.
What should I do

Hi , I bought 10 Reliance PP shares before May 31 and some after May 31 but directly without paying the first and second instalments.
Now I don’t see the shares in my portfolio.
Will I get a notice from reliance to make payments or those shares are forfeited by me?
I will be devastated if it’s forfeited and will be a big loss .
Please advise .


The partly-paid hares you hold, have been suspended on account of call payment. You’ll get the notice from the company to make the payment for first call, after which, you’ll be allotted shares under new ISIN.

I have not received the mail yet for the application of call money. Whether it will be received after the Record Date? Record date is decided at 12th May. Whether after 12th May I will Receive mail for applying the call?
Please confirm

Thanks .
So for example let’s say I bought a share at Rs1000.
Now reliance will send me a notice to make the first call payment of Rs 314
After that it will be re listed and will I be able to trade it ?
Or I will need to make payment for second call as well for another 314 and then eventually the 3rd call as well before it merged into reliance ?

The company will allot you new partly-paid shares under new ISIN, which will be paid up to Rs. 628.5.

The price of partly-paid shares once listed will be around the price of Reliance -628.5. Earlier it was around the price of Reliance -942.75.

The shares of UVSL have been delisted from the exchanges. Not much you can do about it. You can check more on this here.

The partly-paid shares will be listed again after collecting payment of Rs. 314.25 and you’ll be able to trade them.

The second call payment is scheduled for November 2021.