First Call on Reliance Partly-paid Shares

First query: I bought ReliancePP at 1155₹
Now i will have to pay 314.25₹ premium.
Again in November i will have to pay 628.5₹ premium.
Then my ReliancePP share will automatically convert into Reliance shares?

So in total I paid 2097.75 through partly paid shares to get the full share of reliance?

Second query : Reliance share is trading at 1933, so basically buying the partly paid share turned up to be a loss!!
What is the use of buying partly paid shares?

Yes, once the company has collected full payment, you’ll be alloted fully paid shares of Reliance.


How so? At 1155, the fully paid shares of Reliance would be trading at around 1155 + 942.75 (amount due to be paid for partly-paid shares), so if you were to buy fully paid shares of Reliance at the time, you would have paid that much anyways.

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Thanks so much for your prompt replies . Very helpful!

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Hello, I have reliance pp shares in my Zerodha account and I have paid for the shares then what is this call of Reliance and partly paid shares . I am not getting it. Kindly brief it so that I can understand it

Ankit, last year when Reliance did a rights issue, they issued partly-paid shares. This shares are partially paid compared to full issue price.

Reliance issued this shares at Rs. 1257, but only collected Rs. 314.25 upfront when shareholders made application for rights shares. For the remaining Rs. 942.75, company would collect the amount by making one or more subsequent calls.

So this is the first call of Rs. 314.25 for those partly-paid shares. Once this payment is collected, company will allot new partly-paid shares, paid-up to Rs. 628.5, the remaining 628.5 is scheduled to be collected in November 2021, after which the shareholders will receive fully-paid shares of Reliance.

One thing you need to keep in mind:

What will happen if I don’t make call payment?

The partly paid shares may be forfeited (the current Reliance PP shares you hold will be worthless and will not trade on exchanges as company will allot new partly-paid shares under different ISIN) if you fail to pay the call money. The company may also levy interest on the amount you owe.

I purchased shares of Reliance PP at the market price of 1204. Still these shares are not showing in my account.
For people who purchased these shares at market price do we also need to make the payment of 314. But we did not got shares allocated to us at initial price. Can you please advise what will happen to our shares as we purchase at market rate not discounted rate.

Yes, as you’re holding the partly-paid shares, you’ll have to make the call payment.

You might’ve not applied for rights shares, but the shareholder who applied for and later sold the shares has paid this.

When shareholder sold his/her shares, the obligation to pay further call payment is passed on to the buyer of the shares.

That’s not fair. As Retail investor we can only purchase share from market. What does it mean that we may have not applied for the right shares. We can buy only from market. using our DMAT Account

Hi ,
Can u advise how NRI investors pay the first call money

The R-WAP facility isn’t available for Non-Resident shareholders, you’ll have to make payment through other modes, i.e.:

  • Netbanking ASBA: Through the website of the SCSB’s.
  • Physical ASBA: By submitting a physical application to the Designated Branch of SCSB’s.
  • Cheque / Demand Draft.

For more information, you can refer to the first call notice here.

Hi Shubh, I have 4 shares of the Rel PP which I got it as a rights offer earlier. Can I apply more quantity of the Rel PP1

No, you can make payment only for the number of shares you hold.

I have paid amount through link it got deducted from my account but not received any mail neither from billdesk nor from reliance after payment done when I gone to payment page to confirm there was error. Kindly help what to do

Punit, you can reach out to the RTA at [email protected] or 1800 892 9999.

Has anyone tried to pay via net banking or UPI? both are failing for me. The net banking button is not highlighted and clicking on it is not working. The UPI transaction fails every time saying the first transaction limit exceeded. has anyone else faced this issue?

I have raised complaints with Kfin, but they are not helpful at all. just sending me copy paste instructions.
Thanks all!

In Canbank netbsnking, ASBA is working. No glitches

Can anybody clarify, if Reliance PP shares are forfeited after failed to pay call money, can amount will be returned.

Please clarify.

The amount you paid for Reliance PP shares won’t be refunded in case you fail to make the call payment.

Hello shubh, I sold my partly paid shares in march month. Now what I have to do. While I’m trying to proceed for first call payment, kfin page popping up that your client DP I’d is not registered. Please guide

If you’ve sold your partly-paid shares, you’re no more obliged to make the payment. The payment will be made by the buyer of the shares.