Fixed monthly plan or low cost for High Frequency Traders

Hi Nithin and fellow Zerodha admins ,

This is feature request .I am an algo trader on options with successful strategy which involves placing 50+ orders per day on NIFTY and BANKNIFTY , My strategy gives 70% Win rate , but problem is 40 rupees per buy/sell makes me go in LOSS , Can you please please introduce some fixed monthly plans for HFT , I can pay upto 5 or 10k per month , or please reduce brokerage of options to 5 rupees after first 10 or 20 trades or something.

Yea i know zerodha is lowest among others and there are some zero brokerage firms like finvasia , but i cannot trust them.,But zerodha is the first to introduce algo trading making it world standard , but to make it full potential we need this fixed unlimited plan.

Thank you.


@nithin, @siva please tell us if Zerodha has any plan for fixed brokerage on monthly basis

No plans as such.

do you know any broker (which is relatively safe and have stable and fast trading terminal) which offers such plan? Willing to pay upto 4000-5000 per month

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20 rs brokerage per order is stupid just like the telecom companies looted us before jio changed the whole scene. Brokerage companies will soon follow telecom companies structure of unlimited packs. Buy and sell orders are like whatsapp message. Why the hell these companies charge 20rs

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Will take couple of years

Kotak… but some hidden charges.
ibulls shubh…not tried

There are tons of others like tradeplus,finvasia,etc can play with low capital

@siva @nithin

why can’t zerodha charge 1k per month for premium pack in addition to brokerage and provide stable line for regular day traders. so that they can trade freely without any fear of getting into short delivery.

all traders have different needs, so in situations like these volatile days, all the poeple are placing orders and overloading the system but with premium pack, you will have an estimate of the load by day traders.

Other day what happened is a outlier, likely the same won’t happen again. Also it has nothing to do lines, we have backups, backups to backups.

Other day what happened is a outlier, likely the same won’t happen again. Also it has nothing to do lines, we have backups, backups to backups.

damn it. it was an outlier and i was caught in it. hopefully i don’t into anything like that in future.

You told you will explain what happened and how you fixed it this monday ? Can you please explain

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emm I never said that I will explain, anyhow this is internal. Likely we won’t face again.

If its proper tech company , they will explain what happened and how they made loss for thousands of people …

If you want to bury it , never mind…

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Vishnu, just because we are answering everything one should not drag things every time, other times Nithin has posted a blog after any major incident, explained the cause and fix, this time it is different , I mean sometimes one has to let it go. Cheers.

Lol , I told never mind , cheers. If no transparency you will lose clients in longer run , not now. If i get opportunity to jump to paytm or other brands , I will jump without hesitation , so does others.

End of the day best product and service wins, obviously people will move to the best which ever it is.


Yeah agreed and that’s why we are with Zerodha.

Can you please answer these two questions.

  1. Any plans to change 60 Days Challenge to 30 Days ?
  2. I know you will not introduce trade from chart in this volatile market but atleast share some screenshots about what your Woking on ? An insight to what we can expect from you in the future ?


I am a newbie trader and I scalp banknifty. Trading FnO seems very costly considering the hosts of taxes such STT and Exchange Tax along with large value of brokerage for high number of trades. These charges eat away as much as 20-30% of my profits on good days. A low cost trading plan would help traders like me to lower the costs and survive in the market. Kindly consider making a monthly/yearly plan.

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One of the main reasons for drop in experience for trades done around 3.20 pm or generally when we ran square off of intraday positions was because we had this sudden rush of tens of thousands of orders. This got fixed after we announced that we will charge more if clients don’t auto square off and we also made some optimizations as well after the March 18th episode.

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