For day trading in options in banknifty, which time frame is best

I’m more adaptade and like to view banknifty in 15 min candle only. But what timeframe is best for maximum accuracy?

I had this confusion for long time while trading index especially bank nifty, like most I have used 5 min in the beginning and found it difficult during high volatile times, say for ex, in one 5 min banknifty candle i have seen close to 200 to 250pts where half of the trend is over, sometimes when I have entered during those big candles, the candle has become a pin bar or hammer and have made me into loss sevaral times, then I traded in 2min TF for some time, most of the time I ended up in loss because of the noise, you can never identify the trend in 2 min TF. tried 3 min for few days, it too had noise like 2 min and some behaviours like 5 min TF.

Then finally decided to go with 5 min, and got some what adapted to 5 min TF. One thing I felt is the more big the TF the more big SL i have to keep. so for me 5 min is already a bigger TF, especially for index, even earlier when i have traded for stocks i used to keep 5 min.

Everyone has a different way of trading style, I have heard people who trade in 1 min candle too, and some others 1hr(always wonder how they trade 1hr for intraday) its based on their comfort zone and trading style,

after all one thing you must know most of the times than anything else, that is the DIRECTION, which ever TF you are able to identify the direction of the market you can use that.

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Thanks for a well clarification! :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s 15 min for me.

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Me on Daily chart for positional trend following. 15 min for intraday trend following.

But I can guarantee any day that Daily OHLC data is the most reliable data feed out there.

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happy to share knowledge :smile:

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I use 5 mints time frame for trade…

But check daily, and hourly chart to understand the trend

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Trend change with small time frame and follows bigger timeframe. So better accuracy will be a lower time frame as you will able to see when will it be reversal on small time frame.

What other see donot mean same for everyone. Use two candlestick merger to see hidden confirmation. No always will favor the same but will definitely in the important level.

Small time are 15sec, 1min,5min,15min. Bigger than this would be position for next day .

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Use the 15 min time frame or if you still aren’t comfortable, then backtest a few strategies with different time frames and see the result.

Now, before taking trade, i see different timeframe’s ranging from 1 min to 30 min! :grin::grin:

Now problem solved to which timeframe to look for🥳

How did the problem get solved? Which one did you choose?

I’m working on 1 min and 3 min timeframe, to identify which one is more stable in regard to not touching the stoploss.

That what it means, i place trade in 1 min or 3 min and to identify trend, i look for timeframe’s upto 30min or max you can say 1 hour. (Even, I’m thinking of watching market in even 30 seconds, in order to identify the reversals in its most early stage😂)

Entry gate can be a one spot, but to see whole picture, you have to see different timeframe’s!

Now why to opt for lower timeframe’s:

Because you are doing intraday
Because you want to find more opportunities
Because you want to do scalping
Because you want to enjoy higher RR’s!

I’m talking about entry, how to ride the trade is different matter altogether! So don’t think if I’m taking entry in one minute timeframe, i will earn small points, i have captured the whole rally most of the times!!!)

My stoplosses are way to small and lets be honest, stoplosses always are subjected to price conditions. I place stoploss ranging from as small as 15 points to 30 points, max you can say 50 points, so I’m struggling here to choose either 1 min or 3 min, i mean to find which one is more stable in regard to not hitting stoploss

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So you are doing this in options alone, or also equity?

Banknifty, but you can apply it in any section of market, i literally mean any section!

Why are you doing in Banknifty and not Nifty? Why did you choose BN?

Aisa kyun kar raha hai Himanshu, kyun? :grinning:

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I like volatility :joy::joy:

And also, it may seems opposite, but the volatility of BN seems more stable to me :sweat_smile:

One problem with 1 min chart :frowning:

One more :face_with_monocle:

Drawbacks :grin: by the way, can you guss this stock :joy:

But I think BN is volatile than Nifty, but you find it stable? :grin:

Is the stock Zomato :motorcycle:

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Yes running on that moped emoji :grin:

Right now, Zomato be like -