Futures Trading Strategy

Hi everyone;
I want to know Payoff For Combined Future Strategy which involves following long strategy ( Fut Long + Next Month near OTM Long + Near Month Slight Far Call Short )…for example :
Nifty @17600 : I want to buy Nifty Feb Fut + Nifty Feb 17600 Put & Short 3rd Feb 18000 Call…Can anyone help me with Payoff Graph…or similar short positions…

You can easily check strategy payoff on Kite using the Sensibull Analysis feature. Here’s more in it:

Bhai, Thank you for sharing but in Zerodha also we are facing same issue.

… Please have a look.

Didn’t get you. Can you elaborate?

Compare Future PnL with Option PnL… Future shows absolute value… Hence PnL shows erratic value