GDL Rights Issue

Hi, yesterday i got sms abt GDL RE credited to my demat a/c , but still unable to see GDL RE in my kite holdings , when will get that ? after receiving that , i dont want to apply for those shares through ASBA , so how to sell those RE , shall i sell like how normally sell shares ? how to search and add that from watchlist ? just before searched GDL RE , but still now not found . Thanks .

EDIT : Issue starts only July 30 , so can sell only on july 30 or after july 30 to Aug 30 ?

Issue opens on July 30 and Trading window will open on that day only. So you will be able to sell RE’s only on or after 30th July. More details here Everything You Need To Know About Gateway Distriparks Rights Issue


Thanks ShubhS9 :+1:

Why GDL RE is trading at high price than nse equity price , CMP at nse is near Rs.80.7 , RE price is Rs.11.10 at upper circuit , why they trying to buy at Rs. 2.5 higher than nse with issue price ? (72+11.1= 83.1 ) if they expecting price to go high then can buy in nse instead RE ?