Global data feeds alternatives

Is there an alternative for global data feeds?
Because now NimbleDataPro2 Yearly Subscription for NSE (200 Symbols) + NFO (200 Symbols) + MCX (200 Symbols) costs around Rs. 70000.
Also, I specifically want an access to NFO/MCX by monthly contract like ACC19APRFUT.NFO. I don’t prefer ACC-I, ACC-II, ACC-III etc.


I need data feeds to amibroker…

TRUE DATA is another option

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You can go for true data.

I am presently using true data configured with ninjatrader.

I need data feeds to amibroker… because I have my own indicators…

And true data is more costily compared to global data feeds, for yearly subscription & number of symbols…

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If you have more than 20 symbols in truedata, incoming data slows down. They have a horrible speed of server.

I strongly advice you to not subscribe to Truedata for scanning purpose. Moreover, unless the data is requested by the chart, the data does not come. So, you would have to click on each of the symbol.

It is fine only if you are getting fewer symbols.

In case of global data feed, I would suggest only datapro2 which is amibroker specific. Others plugins also, I would say will have similar issues as Truedata.


Global data feed have a offer for zerodha clients. Provide your contract note. Actually, for a decent trading, you would need 50-60 high volume symbols. Also, not sure, why you would need both nfo and cash segment. They also have ACC19APRFUT.NFO. kind of symbols.


Good luck!


Thank you yaar…

I m not too sure why you need global data feed?

isn’t zerodha charts and data not enough?

GDFL are desperate and are losing customers and by increasing the data prices they wont be around for too long.

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As a Professional trader, I can surely say that the indicators provided by any broker firm even zerodha or charting platform is completely waste, meaning I don’t use any indicators. The way I approach chart analysis is completely different. Because “ALL” the indicators are just mathematical transformation of price (OHLC + V).


But nithin says that professional traders use any kind of data. It doesn’t matter to them if ohlc data is not correct and he has been trading for a decade so he knows best.

But you as a professional trader is saying the opposite.

Yes, I Agree.

Actually I have a paid version of Amibroker registered on my name.
This is because, I do drawing based on patterns, which changes over time. During High Volatility drawing/patterns drawn in morning may not be valid for same afternoon session, it needs to redrawn. Also every day/every charts I analyzed is backed-up in a excel based on date and time, which can reloaded anytime in amibroker.

With amibroker paid version my drawing are safe and also I can which charts rapidly without any problem, meaning without losing my work/drawings.

So, I need data for my amibroker.
Actually you can use any custom charting platform.

Data are very needed for any sort of market analysis and predicting future prices. Many companies are very well aware of this need, so they are usually charging data delivery


Hello @Tarakesh,

I am from TrueData and thank you for your feedback… and what you are saying is right for the historical data but not for real-time data flow and I would like to explain.

  • The historical data we provide has many days of 1 min data downloaded by default. Most vendors/brokers allow you to see a few charts at a time while we need to allow download of many. Due to a lot of traffic … our historical data server is slow to send the history as of now. So, basically, it takes time to send the history and is visible if you have a large number of symbols for scanning wherein you need to download the history. So, the first-time download of the history it will take time as of now, Yes! (This is the issue we have to tackle and are looking to resolve )

  • Real-time, however, is not affected at all. For, real-time we have been able to overcome the traffic issue and have been able to scale.

  • Tick data history is also not affected. It is much faster than our 1 min downloads as of now and available for up to 30 calendar days. You can test it by changing the Base time frame to tick or trying to download the same in Velocity 2.0.

  • We also have now built full redundancy in the real-time data server and have overcome the traffic issue for our real-time servers/feed.

  • For historical data (1 min history and above) we are now building an entirely new back-end to make these history downloads faster ( less than 30 milliseconds and multiple asynchronous downloads at the same time)

  • You will soon see the results and we are looking to enable extended historical data for up to 1 year or even more of historical 1 min data,

  • Improvements in this field are challenging at the price points we offer our services as they are technology intensive and require continuous tracking, monitoring, upgrades, duplication, teams, developers, etc…

  • Also @Sunil_Kumar_KP, we provide both contract futures and continuous futures at the same time. you can access ACC19APRFUT and ACC-I at the same time.

Assure you only of our best in the coming days & hope this message conveys the right message across. Feel free to write to us at [email protected]

Thank you!

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Please let the community know once you have solved the issues… Till that my suggestion would remain the same :slightly_smiling_face:

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This issue as already been resolved and historical data is flowing much faster than before.

You can try to check the same.

We are so about to launch another new backend to sped up things even more.
Thank you!


Good to know you have fixed some of the issues…

Are you saying a set of 200 symbols can be scanned without delay ? If so, please provide a video demonstrating if not 200, atleast 100 symbols on amibroker in real time (not in your office but in Delhi or Kolkata). We had previously (last year) seen delay of few minutes even with 50-60 symbols. Even after the market ends at 3.30pm true data plugin used to show data upto 3.35 or so .

When a disconnection of intenet (at server side ) happens in the middle of market hours, that is the end of data for that day as it never use to get the data lost until EOD. Has this been solved? Please provide a video on that functionality by recording on a mock trading day and forcing a internet disruption at server side.

When a new symbol is clicked … it used to take its own sweet time while blocking even other working symbols. Please provide a video to show this condition.

Whenver data disruption happens and that days work is lost (as none of TA work with missed data) does true data add automatically extra day without request of customer?

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One of My friends trades without any charts and makes quite a big profits as well (~10K - 50K per day). He trades only on selective days.

It depends on the trading system. Zerodha charts are good enough if you do not draw lines or do not do scanning etc…

Further, it is convenience of scanning and professional grade charting tools. Infact you could use real time data and simulated a/c (in Ninja) to practice trading.

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We already have full redundancy. Server side issues are a thing of the past.
New symbols taking time was because of history. Like I said this already done.
The last year issues are very old now. We are making hardware, networking & software development improvements by the day with many more new features lined up.

These are very generic but understandable statements.

Request you to provide a video posts for the specifics in the above list.


Why dont you just go for tradingview , you can pay to get charts + ticks and you got all kind of drawing tools