Goal based grouping of Mutual funds on Coin

Hi Zerodha Team,

Can we have some kind of groupings for our mutual fund portfolios or funds so that we can group few funds as investments say for New Car , Education etc and we can have some goal based investing and understand whether we are on track for the same …

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We are working on something on these lines.

Thank you…Waiting for it…

Any updates on when we can expect this feature ?

Even i wanted to ask exact same feature!!

I cannot believe Zerodha needs 1 year to build one feature?? lol :smiley:

Maybe you guys should open source the code so community can support :slight_smile:

Please built this as soon as possible.

You guys ROCK!!!


An year into this…Is the new goal based tagging feature anywhere to be seen ?

@Bhuvanesh @nithin Any updates on this feature ?

Just wondering if coin platform is given any preference from zerodha looking at the features getting dropped for the same. This is a long waited one and basis for goal based investing. Seriously considering to stop MFs on coin and switch over to someother platform.

There were bunch of regulatory changes and uncertainties about the way mutual fund transactions were supposed to processed. So we had stopped rolling our feature updates. But in the next couple of weeks we’ll start rolling out updates :slight_smile: It’ll be worth it.

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Hope it’s in some weeks timeframe and not another year.

Anything planned for rollout ?

@Bhuvanesh when can we expect ? Any timelines?