Goal based grouping of Mutual funds on Coin

Our list is based on regulatory requirements followed by most asked features by clients.

I had asked this in other posts also , be transparent in what ur doingā€¦Put out the list of regulatory changes and the features ur looking at implementing in next one year so your clients know what your upto and donā€™t ask you again and againā€¦This also builds some faith in zerodha.

Conduct a poll or survey with the features in ur list and prioritize from the resultsā€¦ This helps you and us to know what everyone wants the mostā€¦ I donā€™t know how your collecting the suggestions right now but I am sure a survey or a poll would helpā€¦

Looking forward for something in 2021ā€¦Hope to see some changeā€¦

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Completely agree with the point above. We as customers are entitled to a better transparency. The pace of development activities in coin is no where near other products like kite. So should we assume that zerodha is not worth investing for mutual funds. Please be transparent with top asked features for coin and how are you planning for them. Not asking for any internal details but expecting some leads as our investment goals are completely stuck from more than year now. We are unable to track our goals.

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Currently we are working on new coin web, doing lot of changes to coin backend along side we are working on new features.

So finally it has arrived silentlyā€¦Happy to see the tagging in consoleā€¦Testing it out :smiley:

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HI @sharath_kumar1, where do you see this Tagging feature for Goal assignement to Mutual fund investments?

Manish, you can check this out: Console tags (beta): Trading journal & tracking goals