Console tags (beta): Trading journal & tracking goals

We have just launched Console 2.0. While it might look the same as before, the backend has been rewritten from scratch so that we can build analytics, reports, & visualizations crunching vast amounts of data almost instantly. Do check it out.

As you are probably aware, our next big focus as Zerodha is to help you do better when trading and investing. We are attempting this with Nudge on Kite, which will alert you if you are breaking fundamental rules that need to be followed to be successful when trading, with the idea of nudging you away from making those mistakes. While currently, we have simple nudges, like the one that discourages you from trading in penny stocks, we have a lot more coming soon.

Another important aspect of getting better at trading is to analyze your own trades and figure what is working and what is not. While Console has comprehensive reports including equity curve visualizations, it doesn’t really help if you want to figure out your P&L based on strategies or the reason why you decided to trade. You’d today have to maintain a trading journal and manually keep a track of this by marking trades taken for a particular strategy and then calculating the P&L.

We are introducing Tags on Console which will help you easily mark holdings and P&L to strategies and goals. This is currently in beta, so do post any issues you spot or your suggestions below.

Trading journal using tags

Every stock holding including the breakdown and your P&L can now be tagged on Console. These tags can be the reason for the trade or a trading strategy you used. You can then track profitability based on tags to figure what works best for you, avoiding tags or strategies that lose money.

So for example, you can have tags like Gut based, TA-Moving average, Stock tip - XYZ news channel, etc. You can then track P&L based on what makes money and what doesn’t.

Go to

Click on the context menu next to any scrip

Click on apply tags and click on create New tag

You can apply this tag to all the trades for this scrip in the breakdown or separate tags for each breakdown by clicking on manage breakdown tags.

Note: If you select a tag for the entry trade in the breakdown, the exit trade for that scrip will also automatically get tagged. Tagging takes a few seconds, refresh the page to see if the tagging process is complete.

Once tagged, you can use the filter by tags in the P&L to view the profitability of your tags.

Note: Your tags are linked to trades. If you search for a P&L period outside the tagged trade dates, you will not see any results. The charges shown on using the tag filter isn’t for the particular tag but for all trades within the time period selected on the P&L.

Goals using tags

Similar to how you can tag P&L, you can do the same with your stock holdings. The tags here can again be the reason for taking the trades like mentioned above, or they can also be goals. So for example, you can tag your holding to goals like - Retirement, Kid’s education, and more. You can then track these on the holdings page.

You can filter the holdings by tags

My Retirement Goal

And yes, the next step is to allow you to tag when taking a trade on Kite and Coin to make the entire experience of managing your trading journal and goals seamless. We will also soon have a tagging analytics page to give you intelligent and actionable items based on your tags. Also, a tagging manager page to manage all your tags.

Like I mentioned earlier, the tagging feature is still in beta, do let us know if you spot any issues or if you have any suggestions in terms of improvements below.


Will it be possible to show the ROI on particular tags or On total account value adjusting with drawings and inductions . .So that performances can be compared on basis of strategies ,time and also with outside traders/firms etc.

Second suggestion is maybe to create a benchmark such as what is used for hedge funds and then use the methodology to compute net gains YTD and since inception (here account opening)
I know that it could be done manually in excel but still directly seeing it on screen may provide useful to many people.

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ROI on tags on non-delivery trades is very tough because we will need to figure out the ROI based on the margin which was blocked for that particular tag. Margin calculation is based on the overall portfolio by the exchanges and not a particular trade or tag.

Yeah, this is on our list of things to do. Extending the equity curve visualization to also indicate share ratio, annualized volatility, etc.

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Hi @nithin,
Can you enable these tags to be shown in Kite Holding section as well. It will enable us to see the live performance from KITE itself and helps us for exiting those stocks easily say if there are multiple stocks in different tags and I want to exit from specific stocks that are in a particualt tag. Hope I was clear in my ask…:slight_smile:

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Hey @sudheer_kumar, this will be coming soon. You will be able to filter out your holdings by tags on Kite as well.


Hey @Nakul charges aren’t showing up for past many months?

Hi team,

Thanks for the much-awaited awesome feature.

I just have one concern: I am unable to tag for a particular breakdown. The tagging seems to only work for a stock as a whole, and not a script.

I noticed a minor bug/issue. The placeholder for the newly-introduced Tags option in the Console holdings page is non-descriptive (opening the Tags option only shows the word Product ). This is only shown when the Holding report is loading or when the Holding report fails to load. Screenshots -

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There are no issues tagging individual trade within break down.


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@Prayag Holdings report is loading fine at our end, if the issue still persists request you to try again after clearing your browser cache.

Once the page is loaded completely, the dropdown will display tags for products and also all custom tags added.



We are working on scrip-wise charges for historic trades meanwhile you can refer the consolidated charges under p&l reports.


change is good! :+1:
Since you have already mentioned it’s in beta currently, I found a bug already. Tagging has glitches. I tagged my SGBs with a tag Gold but 2 of them didn’t get tagged. I retried, it showed ‘tagging’ (for a long time. made me wait for long.) but when I visited after a while there is no tag on it. Can you please ask the tech team to look under the hood and resolve this?

I tagged the liquidbees as ‘exit’ since i need to get rid of the fractional units. it is not being tagged but ‘filter by tags’ is showing exit as an option. but when i select exit, there is nothing to show. so clearly, tagging has bugs tagged along which needs attention.

update 2:

I am seeing below issues while tagging.

  1. After selecting the pre-defined tag filter (Product) smallcase , none of my smallcase stocks shows up in results
  2. Not able to tag some of the stocks/MF which already have some kind of pre-defined tag on them (can be seen when u click the breakdown option).
    SGB - IPO
    Some MFS having DISCREPANT

Yes, once the page is loaded completely, the tag dropdown shows the correct data. I was mainly sharing what happens when the report is still building. If we open the Tags dropdown during that period, then the placeholder data shows Product which is non-descriptive in nature. Maybe leaving it blank until the report loads like the Sectors subsection in the Filter dropdown might be an option -

This is a trivial thing, nothing critical so can be ignored

Thanks !! I have been asking for such a feature for separating out my long term and short term investments, but not sure if tagging will help. Eg.If I own 20k shares for Yes Bank, and I want to keep 10k for ST and 10k for LT, I don’t think this is possible unless the transactions are broken in the holdings itself. Is there is a way to do this?

Second query: Suppose there were broken transactions and I was able to tag these as LT and ST, when I sell a particular qty, how do I ensure that the tags from ST are only sold?

Issue with Reports in new console: With the new console, my reports are not getting downloaded. Do I need to clear cookies, or any other action needed? I have raised a ticket, but no satisfactory response, just customary ask for error snapshot (there is no error!).

Reference: Ability to create different portfolios in Kite

Can we see these tags in Kite holding page as well? This will be more user friendly to see all my long & short tem holdings in Kite page itself instead going to console and checking all.

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We have checked this from our end, and the tags are being added correctly. Also, after adding tags, you can head to the custom filters and apply the respective tag to view holdings under that tag.

We show ageing of the holdings in Console, explained here.

This is not possible. The P&L is calculated based on the standard FIFO method only. Explained here.

If you’re still facing this issue, please DM your ticket number, so we can have this checked.

I am still facing issues. Tag gets added but not visible. When i filter by tag, it doesn’t show anything. When I edit and add tags again it shows tags modified. But again doesn’t show when filter is applied nor the tag is shown under the script name. If you are from the development team, I have raised a ticket# 20210202410967. I have shared screenshots there.