Government bonds (G-secs) are now listed on the exchanges

Government bonds (G-Secs) have started trading in the cash market segment from today.

To add a security to your marketwatch, just search by the first 3 digits of the bond. For example, if you want to add the 7.17GS2028 bond to your marketwatch, you will have to search for “717”.


If you have invested in G-Secs, you can now directly sell them on the exchanges. There isn’t much liquidity in these securities, but this should hopefully pickup with more auctions and penetration.

Note: Only long-dated bonds are listed and not T-bills. If you have invested in T-bills and want to exit, then you will have to hold them till maturity.


If we want to exit Tbills there is no other way??

My problem is that unlike FDs, to exit from bonds and T bills is looking very difficult… Have any better ways to exit emerged over time? While these are excellent investment opportunities, any traded bond that I check have zero volume traded… Which means absolutely no liquidity and I its impossible to liquidate this assets even if I am in desperate need. @nithin please let us know if there are any sure shot feasible exit options available?

Which is one of the issues of allowing pledging. The only easy alternative is selling through IDBI

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If I register on the website, do they surely buy all the t bills and bonds. Can I assume I will face no liquidity issues if I sell via IDBI? Looking for surety.

Not sure about T-bills. They’ll provide you a quote, if you are ok, you can sell it to them.

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Wondering how GILT mutual funds maintain liquidity! Do you know on what platform they sell bonds? Is it the IDBI platform?

There’s a separate institutional platform for that

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how can HNI participate/trade in it ?

You can search the forum or google it. We are done answering all your pointless questions over and over again.

@nithin wow, this looks like a really professional reply.

@Bhuvan on the IDBI portal, can I sell bonds that I bought through Zerodha as well?

Yes, you can

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do we require to map the zerodha demat with the IDBI portal ? or how this is working ??

Hello Bhuvanesh,
Found a link
Can an individual buy/sell Gsec in IDBI portal in addition to NSE. Is there any minimum quantity for buy/sell.
I could not find more details on this.
Could you please point me to where I can get details / procedure for buying /selling on IDBI portal since NSE has very less liquidity.

Why is this not popular among retailers. 'm I missing something ?

I’m aware coin allows me to buy Gsec. Only problem is with respect to selling Gsec.

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Sorry missed this.

You can buy G-Secs on Coin. Since selling is difficult given the low volumes on the exchanges, you can use IDBI Samriddhi to sell.

You can register here

Up until recently, G-Secs weren’t accessible to retail investors. We were one of the first brokers to open up the non-competitive bidding mechanism

Answered above

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Please pardon the ignorance, but is there any way to short g-secs/T-bills? A ‘how to short bonds’ search results in results that are all about short term bonds.

The easiest way to do this is Interest rate futures. But very few contracts have liquidity. Interest futures are derivative contracts on Govt bonds.