GS2062 Interest Rate

What is the interest rate on GS2062 bonds offered?

Is there any hidden charges / commission involved in issuance that we should be aware of?

Are you talking about this bond β€œ7.40% GS 2062”?

If you are talking about Coin then we charge a brokerage of 0.06%.

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Yes, I am referring to β€œ7.40% GS 2062”… what is the coupon rate? its not mentioned and there are no details.

0.06% brokerage on total value?

I think it is same as mention in the name 7.4%

The coupon rate is 7.40%. Details about the interest paid are included in the name itself. This bond is named 7.40% GS 2062, here’s how the nomenclature works;

7.40% - Interest paid
GS - Government Security
2062 - Year of maturity

You can check interest payment and maturity dates for all G-Secs here: Interest payment dates for government bonds (G-Sec)

You can learn more about government securities here:

Yep, the brokerage charge to invest in G-sec through Coin is 0.06%, i.e. β‚Ή6 for every β‚Ή10,000 + 18% GST. Explained here.



Is it issued at par or premium? As the bid price is of 105 instead of 100… what happens when bonds are issued at par; who gains the premium value?

GOI bonds are traded just like common equity. The first issue is set at par = 100 & the auction starts.

The demand/supply determines if the value is at a discount/premium ie below 100/above 100

If its below 100 - you are getting more yield as the capital gain also comes into picture.