Historical data for options (put calls)

From where I can get Options (Put Calls) historical data (atleast 5 years) at various strike level.
Good if i can get 1 min or 5 min candle data? if nothing then atleast daily OHLC. Along with that underlying stock data.

Available on nse website

You can get data from Authentic data vendors .
Link for list of authentic data vendors - https://static.nseindia.com//s3fs-public/inline-files/List_data_Vendors_1.pdf

You can read post about historical derivatives charts here - Historical Derivatives Charts

I am not looking for paid options for now. Just testing basic stuff.
Where I can get Open Interest (OI) and volume data - Graphs of these two.

NSE website though has data but tough to use.

There are data vendors like GDFL that sell this data. They have 1min and even tick level data. If you are specifically after weekly options, there are currently only three instruments (NIFTY, BANKNIFTY and FINNIFTY) that has weekly options, and none of them currently have 5 years of data since they were started recently in the past few years. BNF will have almost 5 years, Nifty will have a couple of years and FINIFTY a few months. Each year of data per instrument could cost around 5-8k.

But if you are after some general back testing of straddle/strangles etc, you could use Stock Mock | Backtest Index Strategies They charge per backtest-year of data 7-15 Rs.

But the very thought of seeking to go the data-driven way is a good one and the right one. Good luck!