Historical Derivatives Charts

I dont use any , but can you provide example or list of software ?

You can load that data in any application. E.g: Amibroker, NinjaTrader, etc and use it as per your need.

You can purchase it from any authorized data vendor as per the list above and the price which you can afford, you would have to deal with accordingly.
Data quality and authenticity only possible with reliable sources. NSE Authorised Data Vendor List >> Click Here

What is the cost of that software ? Example Amibroker and NinjaTrader ?

@siva would Zerodha add in Kite the continuous data feature for currency futures too?

Thanks Pratiraj for contacting me . Thanks for providing that type of rare data and software cost is also 0 really . Finally I got it so , HAPPY .Thanks again for boost my speed of learning .

This is in our list of things to do.

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Thanks to all , who showing Interest in that data …

Dont thank us Pratiraj , Thank you Pratiraj …To grow my knowledge …

Now I have Charts from 2017 , Please find old charts before 2017 Pratiraj , Have it is good for me .Especially Tick charts !!

Hi. I’m sending you a mail as well. Could you please share the data with me too?

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for showing Interest . If someone really wants that data , Feel free to start chat on Whats App .
7709661970 . But Email is recommended .....pratirajkumbhar@gmail.com pratirajpotter@gmail.com

Thanks Pratiraj , I feel many improvements in my Trading and my profits , I understand now , why many people do more losses in stock Market .

What is the changes u made in trading?

After Studying that data carefully , You can understand what are your mistakes and make less mistakes are changes , which is path of Profit . I Cant share it directly , because of Privacy …Happy because of Improvements .

Thanks again , After many months , I become profitable with help of Historical Data .

I am trying to Get it …

Can you please share those historical option charts with me?

Can you please share those historical option charts with me?
I have sent email to you.
Please share the charts of Nifty weekly options. Thanks in advance.

Yes , Sure …

Hello Sir, I have already ent you an Email. I am a learner who has just start trading with a tiny amount, and your data can improve my learning. I am mostly focused on Option data.
Please share your data with me.
As per your preference I have already sent an Email as well.

A hearty thanks in advance.