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How to use kite web version when i buy this below attached trading system. Is there any option in kite to make it user friendly to home trading station setup for viewing multi charts in a single monitor and with multi monitor charts

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Kite is responsive. You can use on this setup.

Can we use this setup to monitor different charts simalteoulsy in four screens?

I beg you not to use that. I will tell you what will happen with kite. The prices will not flow properly. You need to refresh dozen times.

You need to have tradingview premium or pro with indian tick if you want the data to come correct. Do charting there and trade here!

And the software of kite is web chrome stuff. Chrome is RAM heavy.

Do this -

Get two laptops.
Add two screens to each of them. You can turn off stuffs when you don’t need. Keep the laptop lid down if you need all same size screen.

Use Mouse without borders Download Microsoft Garage Mouse without Borders from Official Microsoft Download Center to connect them.

Design the backup. Keep PI downloaded in both. And use two different net connection in both.

This is my home trading session. I am jobless and I trade from home. You can do lots of plugin and plug out with multiple systems with mouse without borders. and if one freezes you can trade with another.

Or if you don’t want to pay for tradingview premium or pro, get fyers account for this purpose lol. Don’t opt for demat. No AMC.


You are not jobless , you seems to be killing in trading…are you amit gosh ?


I think gamer turned trader haha

Do u even know him?

Your Trading Station (Set-up) is looking awesome for sure :+1:

Not sure why you said this, I think everything is fine from our end, if not you can let me know your ID, I can reach out to you and try to fix this.

We need 8 eyeballs to see 4 screens at a time, the moment to look other window price already changed,then another window,changed again, it feels like price lagging and price flow improper,

If the prices are shown in millisec,it will be seen as black blocks

Looks like your brain is not developed for proper multi tasking. You open tons of tabs in chrome right? But you focus on one. Correct?

What you do when you want to shift to another tab? You click on it and then chrome hangs a bit lol and then it comes.

Here you can to just peek in the other screen.


If you can give me your ID, we can call and check the issue you are facing with charts.

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Lousy system wher crome lags want to compete with milisec algos , god bless u

Necessity is the mother of invention. Here I can see people counting the number of screens. Man, it’s all relative. If you are not successful trading in one screen, God, save the thought of multi screens.

I have seen pros who do make a killing with a 12 inch laptop.

As I say, it’s all relative. You can have the best chef knife, but can you produce a 5 star dish!

Seasoning my friend, experiences my friend, takes years of skill and dedication and ah, well, the process. Its all in the edge. Not the number of screens.


Not sure about others but this guy @unofficed is brilliant. He is Amit Ghosh. Multi talented engineer turned trader

I need screens which doesn’t mean You need it. It is a personal choice. An opinion was asked by a person who is also seeking multiple screens. As I use, I have given him suggestion to my best. If he can afford the best chef knife, let him have it.

Some pro traders don’t need multiple screens. “some pro trader” doesn’t matter to me. I need it. Period. Some pro traders trade from mobile too. But why I need to compare myself with some one else?

After years of dedication and whatever shit if some day I don’t need. I won’t need it. Period.

I guess you’re one of those internet gyani baba troll who fills threads with hate speeches that don’t solve any purpose. What is the end goal of your answer? Are you are telling - Bhai don’t take screens. After years of skills and dedication, you will not need it?

It is just a personal choice.

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I tried it last like months ago brother. Let me try once more in Monday.

@unofficed you will connect two screen to one laptop right? So you have 6 monitors ( 4 screens + 2 laptops). How can we use 6 monitors separately with different stocks charts?

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I will tell exactly what I am running now

1 I have Tview open and browsing Tview and couple zerodha account using session box. (I fire trade with python so ATOM is open)
1 I have mail open with dozen other tabs regarding WordPress and cpanel and mess which I forgot
1 I have forums open. Like this one, slack,discord,twitter
1 I have my metatrader open.
1 I am rendering my YouTube video for some troll channel I manage. Also I have ATOM open as a backup.
1 BankNIFTY is open in 4 time-frames. It’s stagnant since decades.

It’s a mess man. Just another imperfect man with tons of tabs

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I have more screens actually. I turn them on when I need. Like when I am rendering games or videos or uploading or downloading tons of files to my IT company (read WordPress site backups) the whole system became unusable