How do I add new listings to my marketwatch?

Often I have difficulties adding new listings to my marketwatch, why is this and what should I do?

This is due to the caching mechanism of Google Chrome. If you are using Kite web, hit CTRL+SHIFT+R and you should be able to search for newly listed stocks and add them to your marketwatch.

General insurance corporation lists today and GICRE is the symbol. So after you press CTRL+SHIFT+R you will be able to add it to your MW and start trading.

On Kite mobile
Go to settings>apps>Kite and click on “Clear Cache”

Login to the app and you should be able to add it to your marketwatch.

How do I sell the stock?
To sell, add the scrip to your marketwatch and then place a sell order. Don’t try to exit it from your holdings.