How do I find or reset my ZPIN?

Will someone be able to tell me how I could find my ZPIN for reaching out to a support agent?

Hi Abhishek,

Your Zerodha PIN (ZPIN) is your personal identification for placing orders through our Call & Trade desk and for raising support queries. You can now reset your ZPIN through the Q-Backoffice under Profile (You can login to Q-Backoffice using your Kite Login ID and password).


You will receive the ZPIN to your registered Email ID and Phone Number.

You are required to enter the last 4 digits of your Client Id and your ZPIN in the IVR to connect to a Support Agent
For example- If your Client ID is DF0185 and ZPIN is 0007, you need to enter 01850007 in the IVR.


How to change security questions ?

Answered here

How do I find or reset my ZPIN? - I do not see the entry which shows client Id & Zpin on profile page.

what is the purpose of ZPIN, pls advise

For authentication of Clients that only Genuine Account Holder is calling for any Account related specific Queries or Placing any Orders.

(Zpin: Your Zerodha PIN (Zpin) is your personal identification for placing orders when you call our Call & Trade Desk. You will all be sent an SMS of your Zpin. This initiative is to improve privacy and security of your Trading Account at Zerodha. If you’ve forgotten your Zpin, we will have it resent to your registered mobile number, on request.)


what is my zpin

How to find out the zpin

Login to kite and go to q back-office and click on profile.

Hi ravika,

Please follow these steps to change security questions

  1. Open this link:
  2. enter the details then click on reset questions at the right bottom side
  3. Then login again and you will get option for select security questions.

How can i generate my zpin