How much loss did you make and what was your mistake?

You can show your loss screenshots if you want to😌

Yes, I have booked Loss Many Times but my Profits are more than my loss.

I booked Loss sometimes because of my own fault of Greed that Let me not exit now, Let me wait to go Price Rs.1 or Rs.2 more Up Than I will exit.
But Price Never go up Instead of That my Profit turn into Loss in Just fractions of Seconds.

Sometimes due to overconfident I book loss that my analysis is right but market is supreme.

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Recently I book 18000+ loss on 100 lots positional USDINR fut. I shorted it and next day gap up opening take place. I never take overnight position because uncalculated risk involved. It was a big mistake…

I made loss of 120000/- in single day in the future of reliance capital

Reliance Capital is only ment for Intraday Trades everyday after 11:00 am All Indicators gives buy call . And in Just after Few minutes Price suddenly start move downwards.
This stock is totally Unpredictable and don’t follow any Technical analysis .

I will share my loss in percentage of capital because numbers in currency may be small amount for some men and may be big amount for some men.

I lost 16 % of my trading capital in one day one year back and almost 2 months time had taken to recover. My mistake is taking an huge risk in the hope of making huge profit.

After that day I never risked more than 6 % of my trading capital on any single day( Usually 2 to 3 % of trading capital per day).

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I lost 16K in Copper, went short at a reasonable high price, but it went high since there was an earthquake near Chile Copper Mine. Before that I was booking decent profit.

I remember you were the one who informed about ema strategy in copper,i tried but i dont have faith in such commodities

Yes that ema strategy was working… unfortunate things happens in market, I had no clues why price went up suddenly, next day only I came to know abt earthquake in copper mine

Oh ,i tries trading that the movement speed was good iliked it btw how many lots u trade and usuallu at what time?

No time frame, mostly that pattern forms in day opening, 6 lots for 0.60 to 1 Point…

Biggest Mistake everyone does is being indiscipline. Modifying Original Plan or Trading without a Plan.

When things going against our Emotions spike up and do wrong things.

Only two things you need to look at

  1. Emotional Control
  2. Discipline

Adding one more point to @haribabu list which is pulling us down in Trading is having unrealistic expectations on Profit.

In the hope of huge profit we risk more and loose more at last we blow up our accounts.

Having a safe trading plan with realistic returns and having Emotional Control and Discipline(like @haribabu said) is the key to success in trading.


what is realistic return in % term annually in F&O as per your view

How to get update information for commodity

what is realistic % annually return in F&O as per your view

Assuming on average we require 10 % margin to take an F&O Position(Assuming Future position. I did not have much knowledge in options). Lot of seniors said that 20 % returns per year is good returns ( When we invested full amount per the position ). This means we can earn 10 * 20 = 200 % returns per year on trading capital but to keep myself safe I put only 50 % of my capital in my trading account. So in my view having a goal to earn 100 % returns per year is good ( As I already mentioned these are good returns. We can achieve these results only when we are good at trading.)

Note : Do not take this as a guideline. This is just my opinion. Take a mentors advice before planning your “Trading Strategy”.

Can you explain this with example.
Know it’s silly Q but I am confused

@maddy_Des Assume my Capital is 100000 ₹ and taking a long position in Crude oil @ 3300 and my stop loss is 3270 I will take 50 barrels ( 5 Mini lots ) which cost me 1500 ₹ if stop hit that means 1.5 % of my trading capital. Most of the days I take 2 trades in Crude and if both are went wrong I loose 2000 - 3000 ₹. Some days are there which I took 3 trades in a day and 3 trades went wrong in those day I may loose 5000 - 6000 ₹ in a day. Hope You understood now.

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what will be your target.?