How to view account value older than 1 year? (as shown on console dashboard)

How to view account value older than 1 year ? (as shown on console dashboard)


I am looking for the same … I have been investing with Zerodha for a long time and used to refer to this graph to periodically increase my SIP’s after making large withdrawals. It used to help me make sure that my portfolio is having adequate SIP and growing instead of decreasing after withdrawals and also taking advantage of falling market opportunities.

But after recent changes 1 yr perspective is not good enough to look at the growth of my portfolio.
@nithin Can the multi year graph please be restored?

@Nakul I think we should do this. Larger time frames based on request and not by default.


Thank you for considering this @nithin … All eyes on @Nakul :slight_smile: … Can’t wait for this feature to come back

Yup, we are working on providing an option to select a period (of upto 1 year) for the account value curve. Also, we are working on providing a portfolio NAV curve. The account value will be converted into units similar to a mutual fund and the daily change in NAV will be plotted as a graph with an option to add benchmarks against it. With the NAV curve, there shouldn’t be any spikes that can currently happen on the account value curve due to payins and payouts.


:star_struck: That’s exciting @Nakul. Would love to have that, BUT we would love to see a longer period on the account value curve. If not by default, then atleast on request basis like @nithin suggested.

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Yup, longer time periods for the account value curve is on our list of tings to do. An option will be added soon.


Thankyou very much … and I understand you might have more important things to do right now, but is it possible to quote a timeline on this ? I am eagerly waiting for this feature to return as it drives my interest in investing.

Hi @nithin and @Nakul . I was looking for a long term account value curve as the OP requested and the portfolio NAV curve. Can you please suggest if there is any update on that ? Is is still in your To Do feature list ?

It is, but we are working on launching equity curve feature and this will be part of that


Hi @nithin , @Nakul ,
It has been 2 years now, any update on Account curve older than 1 year, or NAV curve or a way to see XIRR on console?

The NAV curve that I have spoken about here is coming soon. This was technically challenging to offer at our scale, so a bunch of backend changes had to be done.


Account Value curve for more than 1 year would be a very valuable feature. If this is challenging at backend side, is it possible by any means, to make a desktop application which can store trades locally, and compute everything client side? I’m just wondering, maybe wrong, let me know.

We are working on launching equity curve, which will work better than the account value curve. We plan to show it for longer time periods.

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@nithin, quick check to see if this is going live anytime soon?

(also, this is my first post here after being a 0dha user 6-7 years. haha!

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Yash, we’re a couple of weeks away from the launch.


super, thanks! looking forward.

We are here after a couple of months… can we expect it sometime soon… the existing equity curve is also messed up

waiting waiting waiting

Hi @TheGouda any update on this, whats going wrong in testing phase ??