I have lost 350000 rs in intraday trade.can I recover my money


I have lost 350000 rs in intraday trade.can I recover my money

Loss in 4 lakh in intraday trade

How did that happen. That’s very sad.


@arjun_dharmsaktu : Yes it is possible. I hope, you haven’t lost all of your capital, because in order to make money you need to have some money.

I was in even worse situation than you till first week of November. After that I took a break for one week and evaluated every single trade had done in past, whether it was success or failure.

  1. Overtrading.
  2. Small profit booking and waiting to hit the stop-loss.

These two were the major reasons for loss.

I changed two things and start seeing the different result on daily basis

  1. Stopped using full leverage provided by brokers.
  2. Trade less.
  3. Educate yourself on daily basis.

Now, I have recovered around 17% of my loss.


How did that happen? Did u lose that amount in one day ? And in a single trade gone wrong?

Kindly share details.


You can recover it, ofcourse. Let’s make a recovery plan.


In last trading hour sell rcom 100000 share in 14.5 rs without stoplpss and is goes 18.4 and I aam lost my money 3.5 lakh


I’ve been in a similar position with Suzlon and have recovered and moved on

My advise

  1. Avoid stocks that are heavily in the news. RCOM, and other stocks like Pharma.
    Pharma stocks u can take if u have really good setup, but companies like RCom etc, just avoid.
    If u keep following news, you’ll get to know such companies

  2. Always have a SL, based on ur trading plan.

  3. Choose ur position size so that even if ur SL is hit, you will be able to sleep easily
    Ex - If a trade hits SL and u lose 10k, then u should be OK with it. Otherwise reduce ur position size

  4. Patience

  5. Don’t over trade.

  6. U can make the $ back, but provided u give urself time. Right now, there will be mental pressure to get the $ back. I suggest u get over it. Because when ur mentally pressured, u can’t think clearly.

Good lukc!


@arjun_dharmsaktu I feel sad for what has happened. My best wishes, that you recover your monies.


In last trading hour sell rcom 100000 share in 14.5 rs without stoplpss and is goes 18.4 and I aam lost my money 3.5 lakh


Big shock brother. Did u had 3.5 L in your account as u must have used leverage. So now is your account balance in negative?


brother, it has happened to me twice when my entire trading capital has wiped out in past
then i started whatever i had and started making from that.

i just wanna say, forget to recover, it will only remind you of your looses

just start from what you have and think of a fresh start.


Lemme know if you want to devise a recovery plan for your loss. We can work on it together.

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My account got 1.7 lakh in negative


What if u dont load more money into your account? Can u escape it without having to settle?


He would have to go off the grid for that

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Why you didn’t had a stop-loss in place? Why take such a risk with huge amount?
Don’t think about it too much. Start fresh and you’ll be alright. Don’t take too much risk from now on.
Instead of intraday, invest the amount in good stocks.
You could have invested 3.5 L in fundamentally strong companies.
Limit your trading capital.
Only keep the amount that you can afford to lose.
All the best!

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Zerodha will charge interest on the due amount. It is mentioned in the A/c opening form.


Zerodha should offer Intraday traders protection fund. Or some Intraday insurance facility. First of its kind!!
Why not?


Haha. Well coming to think of it - conservative margins, strict rms policies and a low flat brokerage is a form of intraday traders protection fund, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Well its human nature to ask more.

If we are willing to pay a part of our profits to zerodha then it can be taken similar to paying premium for insurance. The ratio can be maintained , suppose a person gives every 2% of his profits as premium against intraday insurance. Then his losses should be covered to some extent!

I mean something like this can be designed. :smile: