I have lost 350000 rs in intraday trade.can I recover my money


We are only assuming that people will be ready to do this. Also, the market is a battle between profits and losses where the aim is to finally come out profitable. Will people give a % of these profits to a trade protection fund?




No not trade protection fund. But certainly won’t have problem for availing intraday insurance facility by paying regularly a small percentage of profits.

P.S - Insurance will be specific to the trader who has agreed to pay around 2% out of profits on a regular basis.

If someone is not paying 2% , then he won’t get the benefit of insurance.


Investors protection fund is never used in favor of investors. What about 2008 market crash & similar crashes in past? Did SEBI, exchanges ever protect retail investors?


What kind of a logic this!

The fund is for protecting investors against fraud, not losses! SEBI is not a charity. if investors don’t have the stomach to take losses then they should be in the markets.


:smile: Hahah. Protection against fraud!!

I feel stock markets are the 8th wonder of this world & lots of fraud insider happenings keep going unnoticed. Markets are driven n controlled by market makers. If u think people like us have any significant effect on markets then tell u that we all put together may not even add 1% of total daily volume.

I can only say if our positions could be insured both as a trader & investor. Nopes hedging is not for retail investors/traders. Its a costly thing. :smile:


Irrelevant to this conversation!

Dude, I was commenting on your question about why SEBI! Why would SEBI or Govt or anybody for that matter compensate losses. It your job to be cognizant about the risks of the markets. You want the returns then take the risk, if not then stay away. Nobody said the markets were fair! At the same time nobody is holding a guy to traders and investors to enter the markets.

Markets are full of fraudsters and insiders is a bloody dumbass trope that never seems to fricking go away! :no_mouth:


:smile: Yes dude things which we have no control of or we may not be aware of secret inside happenings. Doesn’t makes markets fair n transparent & doesn’t prove that these kind of things don’t exist. They do! Ever since, more the number of retail traders have increased participation, more the markets seem to have become less transparent than ever. Why then the success ratio of retail traders is on a continuous decline?
So many traders not doing well despite being experienced, qualified & having good knowledge of technicals.

Markets have become more unpredictable than ever. Markets react differently to same news event associated with different stocks.
Some stocks have a free fall & some rally despite all negative news.

This is not all but a very small portion. We may not even have a slight idea of hidden reality.

Regarding, SEBI protection fund for investors, thats a misnomer.


i always recomend give the money to me



Bro, trading should hv been done with Risk capital, so tht it would not affect you to continue trading further. Otherwise, thr is no use in thinking abt recovering.


There you go


That’s Very Sad.

The more unprofessional Things anyone will do in Market.
Market will always Teach you some Lessons which will be very costly.

Keep your emotions side While Trading, Don’t enter in any Trade which you have not Analysed.

If Market Can take your money The same Market Can reward you.
All you need is Discipline and Good Risk and Reward Strategies.

On Coming back to how you can recover This Loss.

Pre-budget Rally is on in Market already.
I don’t see any big negative news for market to crash.

You will need Same amount of funds to recover them.
Again you will have to take some risk to recover these funds.
I would Suggest Stop Intraday and Move to Swing Trading.

There are Mid-Cap shares Which are showing Rally Everyday.
Keep the Rural themed stock in Mind.

Solid plan and Good Strategies will Recover your Loss.
To recover this Loss You will have to do Smart work, You will need to look at charts, read company reports, balance sheets.
Making money require some Smart work.


Dear Arjun,
What is the segment you traded fut/mis?The lot size is 14000 (fut) so for your one lakh shares margin required would have been very high.I suppose its a typing mistake i assume. To trade in such high volume you need CO/BO , there you have to place stop loss .Both cases dont satisfy your I lac shares of RCOM.Anyways the following mistakes taken place .
1.One should never trade in such high volume in last one hour.
2.Its clearly a random trade, without following any technical analysis.
3.If you are a newbie , never trade in such penny stocks which has no fundamentals left ( its a dead company).
4.If you followed anybody"s tip, then from hereon never do that ( dangerous trap).
As per my technical study , on 20th dec last hr , It was a buy at 13.85 itself , with sl of .50p. I dont know what permitted you to short a that point.
Generally i dont reveal my technical study / tricks to anybody or on forums.becoz it took me years to develop my own setup.Please excuse me if anybody on this forum feels bad.The setup which works is never shared publicly rght , i think people here understand and would appreciate it . Lastly I am not here to sell any software products / need money from it .

Best of luck for your future trades .By following proper discipline , any loss can be recovered. One should have patience and dedication .



“In this business if you’re good, you’re right six times out of ten. You’re never going to be right nine times out of ten.” – Peter Lynch

Hi Arjun,
Yes, you can recover your money. First of all I would suggest you stay calm at this moment, take this as a learning experience. Stay calm, Plan ahead and don’t think much about this trade as it happens with lots of traders and that’s how it works, everyone has a red day! Note down all the points that you learned from this trade and make sure that you don’t repeat them. This activity will definately add value in your future trading!

Here’s an article that might be helpful for you to go further:


you can take this as learning and start from the scratch … easier said than done
my advise would be dont try to recover this money , forget this


Brother can u sell your tricks n secret software to me. I m willing to offer u 1 Cr. Bank transfer is ok for you? Or u want cash as black.




Hai brother
Good evening
I Really appreciate your good thought , we need to join together with small contribution towards insurance plan to safe guard intraday trading
Pls check with some insurance agency who cover the risk ratio from 2 lacs to 5 lacs to give confidence for trading
Best Regards
Suresh Ramaiah


My honest advise …not to do intraday trading …in order to recover , one make losses.so please become long term investor for 20 to 25 years with one stock …only 5 thousand invest in one stock can give multifold returns .Best stocks are hdfc life, icici pru, itc, tata motors dvr, tata motors, rbl bank, d mart, hdfc, aurobindo pharma, Granuels India, Tata power, future consumer, dhfl, IDFC, FEDERAL Bank, Ashok Leyland, petronet LNG, RIL, M&M, and Maruti. Some stocks are reasonably priced . U can make entry now . Some of are on nhigh valuation, wait for correction. This will be the best way to recover your losses. Thanks


That’s pretty good, Friend. Hope, I too learn from it.