I have lost 350000 rs in intraday trade.can I recover my money


A very sound advice, Friend.


A sincere and sound advice.


Very Sad about that… You ll recover soon. God bless


If you will think to recover then you will loose more.start with fresh mind forgetting the loss


markets are made/created in such a way so as to fool as many traders as possible. so always trade with a strategy with proper money management( max loss 1-2% of capital on any single trade.) this ensures survival of fittest.


Wonderful advise to traders , unless one is fully familiar with charts movements and indicators reading and knowledge of scripts they should not enter intraday trading
This also needs training and knowledge with your known contacts or decent training by agency who can give sound knowledge of share trading
U can see u tube Vedios of Jano Aur Seeko by
Nitin Bhatia , for intraday trading
And stock

To have ready recover to by stocks
NSE top 4/5 gainers will be ideal to buy and top looser s for selling of scripts
U need follow open = low for buy scripts
Open = high for sale scripts
U follow this u will earn back uvr money shortly
Don’t over trade , buy add qty id scripts goes down
This comes by errors and experience
Stop loss/ trigger price is mandatory in intraday trading if not u loose money
Best Regards
Suresh B Ramaiah
Happy trading n Tuesday


Please discuss your recovery plan for the benefit of all


The basis for the recovery plan is discussed here. The rules remain the same but it also depends on what the other person is trading and how he trades. The plan has to be tweaked around accordingly.


@Spaceship just a doubt .how it become negative .when loss comes about 80%, automatically it gets squared off na?


Don’t do intraday. Be a short term investor instead. Invest only 2% of your investment capital in individual stock. Stock market is volatile, keep booking gain of 7% or more in individual stocks and hold with conviction for the stocks which are not profitable and hold these stocks with a time frame of 3-6 months.


Hi Arjun, I can recover your money but it will take time…probably 6 months with 1 lac capital…
You can contact me to see my 5 days live trial in your trading account…then decide latter :slight_smile: I won’t say much bcz I just believe in practical work…


No such insurance is into existence. even bank while giving loans takes declaration that you are not investing in stock market.
only thing you can do is go for formal education and follow discipline or find someone trustworthy who can do for you, even if he charge its fine.


let me know if you want to recover, May be I can help you


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Hai Arjun
Good evening
Why have traded future options which is very dangerous , u will earn one day loose double on the other day
Did u have any training classes with some mentor who is good in trading there are lot of people who can teach online for trading sessions
Try to log in u tube and take some tips
How to select stocks and application of stop loss and exit positions when it is going negative side
Difficult to recover lost money
Try to buy scripts and hold for some 6 months good scripts u can recover some money in 8-10 months , once u are in profit u can exit positions
Pls what’s app me n 98867-46194 I can guide u to mentor
Suresh Ramaiah


Well @arjun_dharmsaktu

If u have the ability to lose this much, then u have the ability to recover that much
keep faith, work hard…
its so simple as that…


You wont recover. If you think you can, it is wishful thinking. Be sensible and stop trading. Invest in some decent mutual funds with a long term horizon. Good luck.


Same situation i went through:tired_face:

Yes you can recover with a proper strategy, I was a trader without knowledge trading stocks in HDFC sec account, there i was not interested in day trading platform is not good and huge brokerage charges, Even though by Short term trades I made around 2L amount of money over 3 Years.

Got the news about zerodha, less brokerage leverage and features started trading slowly, booked profit in intraday for the first time that is around 1000Rs, after 2 days just calculated about volatile stocks.

Entered in a position to PCJevellers, without checking any tech analysis and no knowledge about intraday, (Motivated from fellow youtubers).

Started slow, losses went from 30,000 to 150,000 finally booked loss of 157K , on that DAY PCJ went 23% down for my bad luck.

Made a recovery plan on next day for Intraday on good stock RIL, Reslult day. Booked loss of 36000,

Kept quite, Focused on long term plans, it is slow but it is going well i can sleep well.

on July i started trading intraday with plans, It didn’t went well for me again for the entire month of trading I lost around 10000K.

After looking back at my trades and analyzing failures, Intraday is not for me, and I had a good track of Swing trading and long term too, I am fixed go on that. completely avoiding intraday.

Be knowledgeable on what u are doing, and Prefer what is suitable for u and where u are good at, Make a plan and always keep on learning.

Be positive, Give time and start slowly happy investing. Best of luck for ur recovery.


same happend with me
rcom trade very risky.


Never do intraday .you will earn someday and you will lose most of the time .your average of one year will be in loss only .