I have the knowledge but no capital to trade


no and yes

it is not a straight forward answer but i trying

see swing trading means you are going to hold your trade 3-10 days ( only time frame matter)

now you can trade either in cash/future/option, no barrier at all

so with cash & future 1 lakh is not sufficient but you can trade market swing with option with one stock/nifty/banknifty.

most important thing is your knowledge , do you know how to trade?
do you have every week profitable even in paper trade( without giving any excuse in paper trade)

do you rely on most of technical analysis or are you doing some system based trading like supertrend/rsi/macd/ moving average based system

if yes you are bound to fail in swing trading & intraday trading
try investing & long term if answer of above one question is yes
otherwise go ahead


Be investor not trader.


Hello Revanth, I am a sr citizen & learnt many simple ideas for trading. I suggest option is better than futures.
I sell my simple lifetime ideas by charging very small amount. One of them is free here for you & all small traders.
Trade only in BANKNIFTY options.

  1. Note closing price of BN Future. 2. Add 100-150 for strike rate of CE & deduct 100-150 for strike rate of PE. Note closing price of options too ! 3. Keep both CE & PE in market watch. 4. Watch which is opening below previous close. 5. Place SL Buy order for that side @ abv open price after 9.20 a.m. 6. All activated calls will create profit. 7. Keep S/l of 20 points & target abv 30 with trailing s/loss.
    You can trade with any amount, even 5K is sufficient. Success rate is abv 80% ! No need to borrow loan or wait for years. If traded with discipline, your 10K can be 1.0L within a year !
    ASHOK V. (maharaj811954@gmail.com)

See on 7th BN 27400CE opened lower & given handsome profit.
27100PE also opened lower but not activated.
Today (08.02.2019) 27600CE opened lower & made handsome profit !


Brother, Trade in Crude oil Mini with Cover or bracket order. Benefits are: 1) margin required per one lot Is Rs. 600 to 700 depending on your stop loss. You can have Rs. 5000 as your margin. 2)If your trade goes in loss your loss will be limited. 3)This way you get opportunities to test your emotional response on your loosing and winning trades. 5) this this will taste your trading system.


I understand your situation and feel for you. I will urge you to hang in there. I will also advise you to never trade with someone’s else. I have seen a lot of people borrow the money and lose in the market. Please, don’t be one of those people. You will regret it later.


Thanks for sharing your idea.

Can u please expalin what is the strategy behind entering the position?

How dow we select target and SL?

How did we 30 & 20 points target & SL. Is it based on some indicators?

Thanks in advance.


Yup…thanks for the advise.

I am strictly against trading with borrowed money.


What is indicator ? Can you guarantee any indicator ? All charts are telling what happened earlier. Analyst assume if this…if so. Everything is like astrology !
My strategy is decided by my own experience. Do paperwork or check historical price chart. My generation was only following Guru without any doubt !
20-30 points based for safe money management.
BYE in advance !


Could not understand that?


Everyday it is showing profit. Still you need the reasons behind the strategy ? In my view, this is not following what the elder (guru) said :yum: !


Excellent idea brother.
I used often and studying PCR reversals to get in to trade, has gave much advantage.
Thank you.


I have a proposal for you. If you are OK can you share your trade entry, exit, risk management ideas with me on time. If you’re happy to do so for few months, I will be happy to provide capital on some agreement. That’s the best I can do! :slight_smile:

DM me if you’re interested.

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I think what worked in these three four months is most likely to be unsuccessful after a few months. This particular period before elections may be even more dangerous. I was also a loser for much longer time and a much larger capital. But the second point you mentioned is the real problem. We don’t exit when the loss is small but we exit when the profit is small. Hedging is the best bet for retail traders like us. With some partial hedging I am able to make some profit this year for the first time. But I don’t want to bet another 10 lakhs on derivatives. As such I feel it is most appropriate only for people having holdings. Like selling a call option that is higher than the holding price. I can agree to share profit but no more blind following anybody. All tips providers are useless and I learned that the hard way. Just ask them to show their tradebook and they will never call again! All the best.

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If you have a small capital don’t trade in options it will eat your money. My capital is 50K and traded in options and lost 20K . I stopped trading for some days and analysed that options are not for me. With the 30K money I started in nly 1 lot of futures using BO/CO orders. I am generating 2 to 3K profit since 4 trading days. I controlled greed and whenever I see 2 to 3K profit i will close my position and comeout of the trading terminal.


That is a whopping 4% to 6% per day! I can only envy your expertise if it goes on for long. You should become a billionaire in less than a year at this pace. All the best.


Oh great. If you share your tradebook or pnl account, you will have hordes of people to take your course. All the best. I think the strategy will be successful if you have an sl of 100 or more because the movement is too wild in bnf.
|Date|High|Low|Close|Price Range|Price Range %|


As can be seen the range is less than 200 on only three occasions.

And we don’t know how the intraday movement was. It could have hit sl first before turning into profit again.

What I am sure of is that if such a blindfold strategy is possible then most of us would not be requiring a job.

May be I did not understand it completely or correctly.


Dear lakshmihv, You misunderstood my idea. It is not for trading in Futures.
It is for trading in options with small s/loss & small profit (you may trade multiple lots).
Remember, expiry day trading is risky.
Now I am explaining with an example…
On 15.02.2019 BN Future closed at 26867.
I have added & deducted apprx 150 for CE & PE strike rates.
It came 27000CE & 26700PE.
27000CE was closed at previous day at 114 & opened at 104 on 18.02.19.
It opened lower so we buy above open (made high of 130).
26700PE was closed at previous day at 154 & opened at 127 on 18.02.19.
It also opened lower so we buy above open (made high of 205).
Both side activation is rare chance.
I hope now you will understand it better. Do paper trading for 1 week.


Thank you and sorry for being somewhat terse or rude or curt. It is purely my anger towards the tips providers. Please accept my apologies.


Today market was very volatile but my strategy worked.
27100CE opened at 75 & made high of 161.75 !
27200CE opened at 39.95 & made high of 108.65 !!


Avoid FNO for now. Start making consistently in small caps by trading. Read Mark Minvervanis book. You might think that trading in Futures is more lucrative in term of Rupee gains, while trading in small caps is not. 3-5% movement in small caps is very common. Do the math and think about it.