I placed a stop loss order which got executed, but I don't see my stop loss price on any charts be it on NEST, NSE, Amibroker or any other chart?

@NITIN_KUMAR I just verified in NSE and the execution value matches with Zerodha. The sneaky algos are crawling to hit stop-losses. If you look at the maximum value traded at 15.00 it was 689.05. In the next 2 minutes, the trade was going in my direction.

I guess its a bad day and bad luck for me.

If you check the data the low is not yet made still the SL is triggered… This has happened many times but this time I am raising the complaint. I think I have lost more than Rs10,000 because of such faulty software of zerodha. While my friend using sharekhan escaped the SL triggering.

Why cannot you guys rectify your software. Now it is India’s second largest trading platfrom. You guys should work on quality


Yes this issue is observed with Zerodha only many times, i am not convinced (as a EXTC engineer and currently working as software developer) by the tick to tick price justification because e.g. 10min candle should cover all the lower time frames. My SL was above the 10 min candle HIGH still got executed which should not be possible. This seems to be some technical chart issue or software bug. Also my friend told me that keep your SL in mind because the broker have their own proprietary trading desk and they see all the clients SL details on real time basis and they make the SL trigger for their maximum gain. This is what one of my friend explained me.

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Consider ur self against 2pplz, bots and real pplz

Hey @milanrbpatel,

This depiction is incorrect. Orders are directly placed on the exchange. Check out this post -


He must clearly be a genius!

Time to break up with your friend.

Kuch bhi palo Shak mat palo

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This means price will jump 1rupee 30 paise and we can never know because price on charts never touched it. This is dangergous because price one day may jum 100 rupees and we don’t have any recourse for it as they are just ticks,.

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This is nothing but stoploss hunting by zerodha. BO or co must never be used, they are designed to make broker rich and retail trader poor.

This is one of the most ridiculous things I keep hearing. I had recently answered this on our reddit AMA thread. Copy pasting it here.

Do you guys think stop loss hunting is real thing? How would you guy prevent it from happening considering the huge amount of traffic on zerodha?

*Nithin: *

Firstly to know where what orders are placed, you can just subscribe to tick by tick (TBT) data feed from the exchange. Check this.

Stoploss hunting means, someone would have to move the market enough to get to the stoploss and then get the market to reverse somehow. Over 80% of all trading today happens in Nifty/Banknifty, I don’t think anyone can just move around Nifty/Banknifty even if someone figured the stoploss. On Individual stocks too, most trading is concentrated in a bunch of stocks with very high liquidity where it would be really tough. If on illiquid stocks someone can control movement of stocks up and down, he must be like an operator. Where, what orders are placed is available on TBT feeds. There are many such conspiracy theories, mostly by people who don’t want to accept trading losses.

A retail trader who can trade small position has huge leverage of being able to get in and out of a trade anytime. While those trade big positions (usually the people to whom these conspiracy theories are directed to) can’t, imagine you are in a trade and can’t get out because there isn’t enough liquidity.

@Rajiv_Chongtham This is certainly a novice way of mindset, who blame for any misfortunes in their trades.

Ask yourself, do you think the broker or Zerodha might be/should be interested in taking your 200-1000 qtys?

Unless, you are a market maker who moves and gives liquidity to the market, your stop loss is out of question. The point you place your stoploss doesnt really matter to the market.

I Agree it might not dispaly the tick by tick data…But when market deapth was showing High and Low but why chart unable to show it ?
At least on daily candle ?

That comes directly from exchange, where as candles are formed from ticks captured by broker servers.

EOD we will sync daily candles with bhavcopy ie OHLC provided by exchange.

haha. end of the day we cannont tick by tick data. Contact exchange is what you’ll hear.

@nithin , but there are still some issues. All brokers aren’t showing the same price as top or bottom. Even in NIFTY the last ATH shown in zerodha kite chart doesn’t match with that of another broker. I didn’t bother to check whose price was right, but at least print the correct price at ATH even if you have to rectify it manually, else people will lose confidence on your chart altogether.

On a daily chart All time high (ATH) will match because end of day we reconcile the daily OHLC using exchange Bhav copy. But on a min/hourly chart, the ATH will show only based on the price that we have captured from the ticks we have received, if we haven’t received those ticks, it wont’ show up on the chart.

As a No1 broker in India why does zerodha doesn’t invest in providing tick by tick data?

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