I want to earn one lakh per month in trading how much capital required?


Hi @Option_Fan from where u get this calculation??? I mean is it pragmatic???:smiley:


Hi Akansksha, I didn’t do this calculation. It’s from clearnifty.

Is it pragmatic? Looks ok to me given their past performance. If we exclude their nifty and banknifty option recommendations, stock option recommendations are doing ok.

Per stock option recommendation, one can earn around 3-4k for 70k margin in 10 trading days. That’s around 6-8k in a month for 70k which translates to 85k-1.1lakh per month from around 10 lakh margin. Good thing is they are giving hedged stock option recommendations.


Hi @Option_Fan good and appropriate explanation…:smiley: thanx for replying…:+1:


Nice…appropriate explanation…:+1:


Its kind of funny to read this thread from beginning. I had this question nagging my mind for a while but no more. I think every trader goes thro this question initially.

Funny because real trading begins only when a trader understands the following tweets from Peter brandt.

But if a trader understands these things in the beginning, I am not sure how many will continue trading in the first place.


Not really sure about how much money is needed but one must have set of skills, a lot of experience and courage.


Don’t expect anything from trading. If you are able to protect your capital you are doing good. Better invest during huge corrections & have a lot of patience. Setting targets of 1 lac pm etc serves no purpose as you cannot achieve it. I’m investing in ETFs / index funds following charts & book profits when markets go up…approx 25% IRR which i’m happy with…




@haribabu 10lakh is sufficent if u hv mkt expirence and knowldge of products…
Else even 1cr will be less.
Happy trading and invst


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The first thing you should ask yourself instead of this is " how you will do it?
Are you gonna do that by Intraday trading or positional? Do you have any trade set up with proper risk management?
In trading, skill set and trading mind set and knowledge are more important than your account size, otherwise you will blow your account in no time.:smiley:



Well truthfully its superior attitude, a true trader never backs down even when he has lost lacs he wont give up cause a lose of few lacs in nothing when your house is worth 80lacs :+1:t3: you can always make that 10 lac in just few days after all you are the smartest person you know. knowing the direction of the market is like knowing the intricacies of all yours 9 to 11 indicators. no one tells a legend what to do figuring out probabilities are for kids legends are all in or nothing


Depends on how skilled you are. Can be anything from 50k to ∞


HI, is the 25 lac capital to 1 lac return on a sliding scale? in other words, if I have say, Rs. 5L capital, will I get 20K returns PM? say 10 L will get 40K and so on?


lol you’re killing me man it doesn’t work like that there are no GUARANTEE in the market you can turn your 50k to 10 lacs and vice versa. if you are just starting out in trading your first priority has to be not losing money just try to survive in the market for a month or two by being conservative don’t think about money. thinking like you’ll be making lacs in the market in months kills you in weeks.


Traders here make some really good jokes.

Thanks for the LOL’s guys.


Vice versa is easily possible…


@NeverMind lol yea, my bad vice versa is almost always the case specially if you’re a beginner with no paid education in lacs,
its a very long a tough journey ahead of you, which very few will finish.


you can find some usefull stuff specially new traders