I want to earn one lakh per month in trading how much capital required?

This trading includes swing trading, Intraday

Also with minimum risk as possible.

I am not greedy but want to know the correct methodology to achieve my target.

this can include dividend earning also.

I should be able to achieve this in next five years of learning in trading.

What amount of Capital is required ? and what type of trading methods to be followed.

first learn then invest

my 5yrs alrady passed and lost 5 lakh only but still nothing leaned even though i trade with low qty to test all time and EOD the volume is high lel haha.still novice nothing haha nothing works in market really every thing has a counter and it will cost u big time that will wipe out all profit made earlier :expressionless:


My performance

The day I stopped trading in options my profitability increased. The above reports are F& O. Mostly Futures. In Feb I lost about 20k in options selling.

Now options trading is less than 1% of over all trading. The amount lost in Options is more than two lakhs.

It is better to completely avoid trading options.

At the start we start with low capital and end up trading options.

My profitability in equities trading is more than 90%
And in futures it is neutral as of now.

New traders should stick to equities. This will have less fear factor. I prefer to trade in India focussed consumption stocks.

Does not listen to Market Analysts on media. Mostly read scrolling news about market.

I use F & O data to find direction and strength.

I Keep 30% cash always in account and 30-50% cash used for equities positional trading and remaining for trading in futures positional and intraday. Reduce exposure in futures positions when India VIX goes above 14.

I don’t use stop loss and mostly go long on dips in futures.

I learned that positional futures trading is better than intraday.

I wanted to share my experience so far so that you can benefit from it.

My target of earning one Lakh per month is achieved with in two years.

Thanks to ZERODHA for the support and low brokerage. Low brokerage is also one of the reasons for better profitability.


very nice to see a detailed response by Haribabu. thanks for sharing.

If your strategy generates say 10% a year, you will need a crore and twenty lacs to make a lac per month. All the best :slight_smile:


In a recent webinar Nitin told that a minimum of 25 Lakhs needed to earn one lakh rupees consistantly. If you missed that webinar, you can find it here. (From 44:00 to 45:10)


what is India Vix please share somthing about this…

HI Akshat

India VIX is the volatility on NIFTY 50, it measure the moment on Nifty. so if you see INDIA VIX 11 it means it is 11 % for last 1 year. i.e Nifty is can trade 11 % up and down for 1 year.

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Hi Hari,
That was really inspiring and insightful. Can you please share more about the strategy which you have mentioned in the post.

  • Using F&O data to find the direction and strength means -> If Spot>Fut -Short and Spot<Fut -Long ?
  • Go long on dips ? How do you determine , which is low for the month ?
    • Depending upon monthly % movement of the scrip ? or any other method ?
      (Nandri :slight_smile: )
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You need to follow the stocks closely and go long on dips in stocks which down due to profit booking only without any news.

Continuous following of few selected stocks is major requirements. Then apply as I said.


Just curious. Are you still not using stop loss.

Sir., Which one will u prefer for less risk and more gain?
Index futures or stock futures

Index futures is less Risk

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Nice one bro,what is india focused consumption stocks

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See at NSE site


If you want to earn 1 Lac/ month trading NiftyFuture (consistently) for long term then you have to have 30 Lacs as your Trading Capital.


Hi @AkashKB please can u explain in detail…because I am unable to enjoy some big profit…right now I m consistently earning 3k per month. I m New to trading world…


Thanx @AkashKB.

Came across this infographic from clearnifty. They claim one can earn Rs 10 lakh starting from Rs 2 lakh in around 2 years using their options strategy.

I found they stock option recommendations good but nifty and banknifty recommendations need to be improved.

If we accept their claim, then around Rs 15 lakhs are needed to earn 1 lakh per month.