Iceberg orders Feedback

Hey everyone,

We are yet to announce it to all customers, we will do it once Iceberg orders are available on the Kite app in the next few days.

If you are an F&O trader who trades large quantities, do check out Iceberg orders and let us know what you think about it.



Nice feature addition. Waiting to see it on mobile app.

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Icebergs to overcome order freeze limits (quote from your post on zerodha connect)

As icebergs place next order only after first order completion, next orders will come last in order fulfillment queue.

can we do something so that all orders of icebergs are in queue one after the other, so as to have early complete order fulfillment??


Been using it the last two days, really useful feature.
One thing which can be improved is the ‘Number of legs’ option. Like here, if I’ve to exit the 5950 quantity of sold Nifty options, I’ve to manually enter 4, but by default, this number is always set to 2. So, if it can pre-select to 4 (or whatever, depending on the quantity), this would save time, espl. useful during volatile times.


Thanks for Implementing this, just loved this feature. Please consider below additions:

  1. Auto population of legs based upon Freeze quantity. Eg if i enter 3000 in nifty based upon freeze quantity it should just take 2.
  2. API methods to execute iceberg orders.
  3. In Position section Exit all section , Take Iceberg order by default to exit quantity > freeze limit.
  4. Allow Iceberg Order in Baskets order section.

@nithin @Tradingqna

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They are in a queue, but placed only after execution of the first. If you want to just fire multiple orders at the same time, basket orders is the right way to do it.


Got it, I think we can based on the quantity change the number of legs by default to the minimum that will be required based on freeze limit.

  1. Checking with the team. Needs some time.
  2. This will need some time, we are waiting on clarity from SEBI on API business before working on anything more on it.
  3. Hmm… It might be an issue for users who haven’t already use iceberg. But can we do it for those who are using iceberg. We will think about this.
  4. Icebergs put a lot more load on our order management systems. Allowing this on basket is tricky because of this. But we will see how iceberg plays out and then decide.

Out of the 4 points, the third is the most important for most traders. It would be very helpful to exit all open positions (greater than freeze quantity) in a single click. It is a good defense to protect profits/restrict losses.


Used iceberg order for the first time today.

Only one suggestion

And I think this is already addressed in the above replies.

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Please allow more than 10 legs in iceberg orders and make it so that the number of legs is automatically populated based on the freeze limit.


@siva please make sure the team gets this info. These features need to be implemented.

Can you also allow single click exit of multiple positions having greater than freeze quantity?

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Thanks for the feedback, @mohitsharma and @Ragavendran_V. We’ll check on the possibilities.


@nithin @ShubhS9

  1. I am a trader who do pyramiding based on trend confirmation and ride the trend and don’t execute all lots at once. say for example If I can trade max 20 lots of Nifty option means I would want to execute in 5 legs but by pyramiding, is this possible through iceberg orders.

  2. If ice berg orders only provide the advantage of freeze quantity means I could do the same manually by giving at market order 2 or 3 times.In what way it is useful.

If I am missing anything pleas explain.

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@nithin @ShubhS9 no one?

It seems, just like we have to wait for the ice to form, we have to wait for the answers on iceberg orders too :grin:


Hey @Abi, apologies for the delayed response. Currently this is not possible. The way Iceberg orders work is, once you place the Iceberg order only the first leg is placed on the exchange at first. Once this leg is executed, then the next leg is placed, and so on, until the quantity specified by you is traded.

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so its like If I place an order at say price of 100 means all the orders will get executed at 100, what if the 1st leg gets executed and by the time next leg is placed the price crosses 101 and goes up and never comes back to 100.

rather I could place the same at market price.

say If I have capital to place 100 lots, I can do it in 2 or 3 legs by giving market order. the slippage could be around Rs 2.
I shouldn’t mind the slippage of 2 or 3 when am trading 100+ lots

for Institutions who has lakhs of lots its beneficial i can understand that.

Just wanted to know in what way it is benefit for retail.

The order execution will depend on the type of order you place. If you place a market order then it’ll get executed at best available price in the market. If you place a limit order then it will only execute at the price specified or a better price (taking the above scenario, 100 or lower for a buy order and 100 or greater for a sell order).

Not only for institutions, even for small trader impact costs can be costly relative to your capital. Please check out this article for detailed information on impact costs and Iceberg orders: