If I transfer shares from my account to a family member's account, how much time does it take for the shares to be transferred?

If I want to transfer shares form my demat to my wife’s (both in Zerodha), how much time does it take? Is there any tax that she has to pay or any transfer charges? Also, if I’ve held the shares for a year, is the holdings age changed from 1 year to a fresh holding on transfer?

So, firstly, I presume you’ll be doing this through a DIS? The transfer should be done within the end of the day you submit the DIS.

DIS or delivery instruction slip is like a cheque book that you can get from Zerodha. You can mention the target DP ID and stocks to be transferred,and send this DIS slip back to Zerodha.

There’s a charge of Rs. 25 or 0.03% of the value, whichever is higher for these transfers.

If you are gifting this to your immediate family (Parents, wife, kids), the person who receives the share will have to pay capital gain tax once they sell (if any applicable).

If you are transferring to anyone else, this transfer will need to be for a consideration. Whatever money you receive, you will have to pay taxes (as per your normal Slab) on this. Normal taxes because this transfer was done off exchange. The person who receives the share, the cost price will be what was acquired from you, and then whenever they sell it on the exchange.

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If I transfer the share from my account after holding more than 1 year to an immediate family member and they sell it only after 1 year, do the person selling need to pay long-term capital gain based on what purchase price - (sell amount - price on transfer date) Or (sell amount - actual purchase date before the transfer)

also whether the long-term capital gain will be paid by me or my family member(who is not a salaried person - invested only in stocks) if held more than a year after transfer