If ur a trader u can

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Two month profit with a capital of 10lakh

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Looks like 21 September was profitable for someone :chart_with_downwards_trend: :wink: Anyway, 100% return is not unusual in F&O.

Wow congratulation. But with all due respect, by sharing a screenshot of huge profit you are not helping any fellow trader, but you are just satisfying your “EGO” and putting less knowledgable trader at risk and also in discourage as they will compare their gains/loss with yours, subconsciously!

If your intention was to help or motivate others trader then You should have also shared
1)How you did it?
2)What was the journey, was there a drawn down at any certain point of time? If yes, then how did you overcome it?
3)Was all the trades were intraday or positional? 4)What kind of risk management did you use to make such amount?
5)What kind of charting method did you use?
6) What was the timeframe?
6)How did you define your entry and exit point? What was the risk reward ratio of your trades? Etc.

I am not expecting you to tell the strategy / method / or process, etc to public forum but please don’t put others at risk by sharing minimum information.
Either share full information or not at all.

Anyway Happy Trading. And wish you more success.:smiley:


What is important for you = How much you made?

What is useful for us = How you did it?

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