INCOMETAX - equity gain and options loss


There is a Short Term capital Gain(STCG) of rs 55000 in equity selling and loss of Rs 165000 in options selling. Do incometax to be paid on equity STCG or can be adjusted aganist options loss. I am already a tax payer for other income. please give your valuable suggestions.

+Non speculative Business Losses can be set off under any other head except income from salary. Means it can be set off from income from house property, income from capital gain and Income from other sources except casual income.
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  • for carried forward of losses, your return must be filed on or before due date as mentioned under sec.139(1).
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HI Darshan
Thanks but the link is very detailed and general not specific. I am not able to understand as its my first year of trading. So please for my specified amount can I adjust gain aganist loss or shuold pay tax for STCG, in simple terms can you suggest

  • one thing you should kept in mind that taxation is very deep. one can not explain every thing in writing/here.
  • i suggest you for filing of return consult your CA. CA can help you in many manner.
  • as of now, as i think, you can able to adjust your STCG against your Optons loss. f&o is treated as business income/losses, not speculative income/losses.

Thank u darshan

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